Man Overcoming Abortion Guilt Wants to Help Others

What can I do to help other men find freedom from the emotional and psychological aftermath of being involved in an abortion? Years ago I pressured a girlfriend to have an abortion. I struggled with guilt, shame, and remorse for a long time. But I'm happy to say that in Jesus Christ I've found joy in being released from that burden and forgiven for my past mistakes.

Your testimony to God’s healing grace is so encouraging. You’ve discovered for yourself that there is no sin that can’t be forgiven through the all-sufficient atonement of the cross – and you’re now able to empathize deeply with other men who wrestle with the issue of abortion.

We trust that the Lord will increase your awareness of His forgiveness and grace as you take a stand for life and minister to those who have shared your sufferings. The world desperately needs to hear the message you have to offer!

If at some point you find yourself once again struggling with painful memories – or if you know someone else in a similar situation – we invite you to call our Counseling staff for a free over-the-phone consultation. They’d be glad to come alongside you in any way they can.

In the meantime, these resources can help you fulfill your calling:

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