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Pregnant Teen Afraid and Seeking Help

Can you offer any assistance to a teenager who is pregnant and needs some help? My parents don't know about my condition yet, but they're going to find out eventually, and I have no idea how to talk to them. What should I do?

We can imagine how hard and emotional your situation must be. Though you may not feel like it right now, it’s crucial to remember that God loves you deeply. He wants the best for you and your baby.

As a first step, we strongly recommend that you visit a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) in your area. When you do, you’ll likely discover that the women on the staff are caring, non-judgmental, and in an excellent position to offer counsel and real assistance. You’ll find information about PRCs in your area on the OptionLine website at There should also be a list under “Abortion Alternatives” in the yellow pages of your phone directory.

It’s also important to tell your parents that you’re pregnant. If this seems too difficult right now, maybe you could work up to it by opening your heart to another trustworthy Christian adult, such as your pastor or a close relative. Your mom and dad may respond with shock, disappointment, and even anger. That doesn’t mean they’re against you or that they want to disown you. As things settle down, they’ll probably be eager to walk with you through this difficult experience. If you’re honest, you’ll have to admit that this is exactly what you’ll want them to do. It’s tough to be pregnant at your age, and you’re going to need all the help you can get in the weeks and months ahead.

You and your precious preborn baby are valuable beyond measure. Keep this truth in mind as you make decisions for the future. It might be helpful to talk through your options with an objective Christian adult. Focus on the Family has a staff of counselors who are available to do just that. Call us to discuss your questions over the phone.



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