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Reasons to Choose Life When Facing a Crisis Pregnancy

Why shouldn't I have an abortion?

I’m not the least bit ready to become a mother. Getting pregnant was the last thing I expected at this point in my life, and I have no desire to carry this baby to term. Why wouldn’t abortion be a logical choice to solve my problem?



What you’re facing is no small and simple matter, we know. But while terminating your pregnancy may seem like a natural solution to this challenge, you owe it to yourself to look carefully at the situation from all possible angles.

Don’t panic

The question you face is really about two precious human lives: your baby’s and your own. There’s too much at stake to jump to hasty conclusions. So slow down and take a deep breath. Most importantly, remember that God loves you with an incomprehensible love – and He cares deeply about the life of your child.

There’s another side to the issue

Pregnancy isn’t a purely private and personal affair. It launches you into a web of deep personal emotions and interconnected human relationships.

The decisions you make from now on are going to affect your life and the lives of other people – your child, the father of the child, your parents, his parents, and an extended circle of family and friends – in ways that you can’t begin to imagine right now.

Everyone around you has an opinion about what you should do, but you are the one who will have to live with the consequences. The important thing now is to make the best choice both for yourself and your baby.

Remember that you’re not alone

You may feel that your mind is already made up, but we urge you to take time to weigh your options carefully. Talk with your pastor, your parents, or a trusted friend. Begin to build a support network that can help you walk through the difficult decisions and challenges that lie ahead.

If you need help with this, call our Counseling team for a free over-the-phone consultation. One of our licensed professionals would be more than happy to come alongside you in any way they can.

In the meantime, we’ll say it again: Don’t panic. There is hope and help for you and for the new life in your womb.


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