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Living With Authenticity

Original Air Date 04/28/2017

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TV star and actress Sadie Robertson explains how she has remained true to her Christian values in the midst of the pressures that come with a highly successful career in the public spotlight.

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Sadie Robertson: So, instead of being scared and running from these times, like embrace it, you know and run straight for it and find … find your purpose and your passion and be Spirit-led.

End of Excerpt

John Fuller: Sadie Robertson-- and you’ll hear more from her today on Focus on the Family withyour host Focus president and author, Jim Daly and I’m John Fuller.

Jim Daly: Hey John, here’s a newsflash-- we have made it to December!

John: Yay!

Jim: (laughter) And as the year winds down, we are kicking off our Best of 2017 Programs and I love this. Your response to these programs is what floats them to the top and that’s how they get selected. You have asked for a copy or called or written us in some way to ask for the resource. Your response, again, is what has made that possible. Sadie was our Brio girl for the inaugural issue of Brio magazine for teen girls that launched back in May. Many of you know her from the A & E reality show “Duck Dynasty.” You also may have seen her on “Dancing with the Stars” a few seasons ago; she appeared there. She is an impressive young lady and we asked her to join us in the studio to share how she is fearlessly living out her faith and using her public platform to be an excellent role model for girls.

John: And Sadie’s parents are Willy and Korie Robertson and she has five siblings. She has written a few books, includingLive Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps it Real and Stays True to Her Values. And Jim, we’re going to pick up this Best of 2017 broadcast as you asked her about the television show.


Jim: Now were you ever in a position as a younger teen going, “Mom and dad, what are you doin’ with ‘Duck Dynasty’, why would you do that?”

Sadie: Oh, yeah, for sure. It was a huge shock to us. But what was really cool is, I was at a Winter Fest event whenever I found out we were going to have the show “Duck Dynasty” and this year to be speaking at Winter Jam was kinda cool to see that “Duck Dynasty” got me there. And so, full circle moment for me. It was definitely a huge life-changer though.

Jim: You’ve written this book, a New York Times best-seller. You’re 19-years-old. Don’t you know you’re supposed to wait till you’re at least 35? (chuckling)

Sadie: Hey, hey, that’s, no, no, no, no.

Jim:Live Original.

Sadie: Yes.

Jim: First of all, where did that title come from,Live Original? Your dad had a part in that?

Sadie: Oh, yeah, for sure. So, whenever I was 5-years-old, I got on the counter one day at my house and I just said, “Mom and dad, sit down.” And I started preachin’ to them. (Laughter) And I was like, “Y’all need to know that God loves you and it does not matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done.” I’m 5-years-old, I said, “And even if I’m famous one day, I’m not gonna think about myself. I’m givin’ it to God.”

And at the time there was no indication that we’d be famous. I mean, if you see my family, they don’t really strike you as TV stars. And (Laughter) uh … men in our family and my mom and dad were just running a summer camp at the time. So, it was really random.

Um … but my dad was like, okay, this is hilarious. So, they’d always get me to preach and in that time, he nicknamed me “The Original,” because he was like, “You have such an original gift of like speaking and stuff.”

And uh … everywhere he would go and travel, he would come back with like a little thing that said, like, “The Original” or like “Original,” on it or something.

Jim: Oh really?

Sadie: So then, whenever it came time for me to write a book, they were like, what do you want it to be called? I was like, “Live Original”, that sounds pretty fitting for my life.

Jim:Live Original. It’s great! And you apply that to Scriptureand I want to get that right up front for everybody.

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: What’s a Scripture that guides you in this crazy TV life?

Sadie: So, Hebrews 10:35 is the Scripture I’ve held onto. I actually remember writing it on my dry erase board in my room on January 16th, 2012, which was like, right before the show started. And uh … I never erased it from my board because it kinda started to change my life. And it ways, “So, then do not forget the confident trust that you have in the Lord, for that will be richly rewarded.”

And I thought that, that was so interesting, because up to that point, I was trying to find my confidence in myself or like what I was doing in life or my ability to play sports or whatever it was in school. And I was like, “Man, that is so crazy. Like it doesn’t say anything about being confident in, you know, all of those things, but be confident in who God is and who God is through you. “

And so, I kinda started to make that shift and then the next year with “Duck Dynasty” starting it was really cool, because I was so glad I was rooted in that and that was kinda my foundation, um … just to be confident in who God is in me and that’s what your original self is.

Jim: Now, you know, for teenagers today and this is one of the reasons we do Brio magazine and the main reason we’re bringing it back, because the culture today bombards teens—both teen boys and teen girls—but bombards them with messages that seem to tear them down. It doesn’t provide … they don’t provide positive stories, positive ideas about who to, you know, who to believe in, how to present yourself, how to carry yourself, character issues. When you look at this for your teen community, what are you concerned about and where does faith play a role in all that?

Sadie: Yeah, that’s a huge problem, for sure. I think for me and the way I look at it is that, you see, they’re seeking the advice from the other teen or they’re seeking the advice from what they see on the Internet and what they see on TV and what they hear. And for me, it’s so important to remind myself that the only thing that person I’m seeking advice from, really is God and His Word and His truth. And sort of like people’s opinion and then also, you know, people that love me. And I respect like my family and parents and everything like that, because there’s a lot of lies all around you. And so, to be sure to like root yourself in the belt of truth and walk out with that every day is so important.

John: Uh-hm, you know, I appreciate the story I read about you in New York City, because you ran right up against the fashion world. My three teen girls struggled with positive body image, as I think most girls do--how did you manage yourself? Wasn’t that a New York fashion show?

Sadie: Yeah, that is crazy. Like sometimes I’m like, what did I … really just happened? (Laughter) But that was one of those. Um … so Sherri Hill, she’s like queen of prom dresses and she asked me to do something with her and like have a line and [Unintelligible … walk?] and I just couldn’t even believe it.

So, I get there and they’re all like 6’, like skinny and like beautiful. And I’m like, oh, great. (Laughter) This is awesome. (Laughing) And like, they had this snack table, which I thought was for us, right? So, I’m over there eatin’. I’m like enjoyin’ the M&M’s. It had a little Sherri Hill Logo on it. And I realize, oh, my gosh, I’m the only person eating. (Laughter) It was not for the models. It was for the workers and the models don’t eat the day of the show. I was like, okay, well, I’m not gonna do that.

So, I thought, okay, there are so many things here that, it was just really sad. Like everything that they were goin’ through and it wasn’t that they weren’t hungry. They were, you know, insecure and they didn’t want to like gain weight. And so, also all the models walking down the runway, they don’t smile. So, I go out there and honestly, I didn’t mean to smile, but I couldn’t help it, ‘cause I was so excited. So, I—

Jim: Right.

Sadie: --have like the biggest smile on my face. It’s like, oh, this is awesome, just like walkin’. (Laughter) I’m like, not even walkin’ right. I’m just like walkin’ how I’d walk down the street and I’m smiling. And then she asked me back next year and then the next year and then the next year. And I ended up doing four.

And I’m telling you, this past year um … I brought Chick-fil-A for the girls and they all ate. (Laughter) And when we walked down, Sherry Hill told all the models that we smile at this show and that’s what we do.

Jim: Wow.

Sadie: And so, they all smiled. And I thought, you know, that is so … that was so awesome for me to see. You know, four different seasons. For the first one to be completely on the outs and everybody’s like, who is this alien? You know—

Jim: Yeah, right.

Sadie: --smiling and eating M&M’s? (Laughter) And then to the last one, all the girls eating Chick-fil-A for the first time and walking down the runway smiling was so cool just to see how, you know, whenever you stay true to yourself and whenever you like rock it with confidence and not doubt your own self, people they gravitate to that, you know. And they’re like that’s cool. ‘Cause I coulda gone in there and not smiled and done the thing and—

Jim: Kinda fit in with them—

Sadie: --I would’ve been, yeah, and I would’ve been—

Jim: --rather than …

Sadie: --gone the next season and … and it’s just kinda cool that Miss Sherri kept me for that long um … ‘cause she’s never done that with a celebrity before. But it was … it was a neat little lesson for me.

Jim: Well, and it gets to the core of the book really inLive Original. You talk about happiness being a core value for you.

Sadie: Yes.

Jim: Um … describe why. Why is happiness so important to you and what does it do to other people?

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: You’ve kinda given that description.

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: But elaborate on that.

Sadie: Well, for me, I think like the joy of the Lord is so overwhelming and that’s what I was telling Miss Sherri, uh … who … she’s actually a Christian. Her family runs the business, they’re great people. And I told her; I said, “I really, even if you wanted me not to smile, I couldn’t, because I’m so happy to be here.”

And like when I walk out and everybody’s sittin’ there, I’m like (Laughter) this is so cool, you know. And I think that, that’s just the joy of the Lord, you know. It’s contagious and then to see the chain effect of that and everybody else smiling. It was a small example of how life is, you know, when you go and you smile and you have fun and don’t worry and don’t stress about things, people are like, “What is that?” And that’s joy.

Jim: Yeah.

Sadie: And that’s in your inner core and nobody can touch that, you know. I think people will say, “Oh, you have it easy.” Oh, my gosh. They were so mean to me the first year. People, like, I got so many comments but, like, doesn’t touch me, you know.

Jim: But how do you … how do you manage that? I mean, you’ve had a couple of big breakups that have been out there in the social media.

Sadie: Oh, yes.

Jim: But people you don’t know, people who don’t know you are … they can say the cruelest things—

Sadie: Oh, yeah.

Jim: --the meanest things. How do you, as a 19-year-old, how do you manage that when you’re—

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: --in the limelight the way you and your family are?

Sadie: Yeah, well, I definitely say it’s not always easy and um … sometimes I remember … pretty much now I’m fine. Like I don’t really read it honestly that much. But when the breakup happened, um … you know, a lot of people think, oh, breakups are so hard, because everybody at school’s talking about it. Well, for me, it was trending on Twitter and everybody in the world was talking about, millions of tweets.

And it’s weird, you know and that can be a problem. And I remember one article came out and it was um … a frat, like fraternity um … Twitter account.

Jim: Right.

Sadie: And they posted this whole article about like, how ugly I was and like just literally the whole thing was me and like all these beautiful girls that football players have dated in the past and like, how could anyone date this girl? She’s so ugly. And then it was … it—

Jim: Brutal.

Sadie: --was pretty tough and to be honest, like you know, I didn’t look at that and smile and be like, “Oh, ha, ha.” Like that kinda got me and … and I was upset. And my momma’s like, “Are you seriously cryin’ about that?” She’s like … and she’s so good, ‘cause she’s like, speaks truth into my life. And so, I think for me, surrounding people like that, ‘cause I am human.

And sometimes, you know, my heart can be a little hurt or a little broken. Uh … but my family, because they’ve been in it, too and they’ve been through it, too and like had a lot of bad comments like that, they’re able to like hold me up. And it’s cool, ‘cause there’s like 30 of us. So, when one’s down, we’re all there, you know.

Jim: Yeah.

Sadie: And that’s been awesome.

Jim: Let … let me ask you about your mom in that way, because there’s a lot of moms listening right now that have teen girls. What does she do that really lifts you up spiritually in the teaching moment here for the moms—

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: --that may be struggling in their relationship with their teen girls.

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: What can a mom say that spiritually gives you the strength to get through that kind of day?

Sadie: Yeah, my mom, honestly like I’m not even just sayin’ that, she really is my best friend. And she is one … I mean, the most amazing woman in the world. And I think what makes her so awesome is she’s so real and so relatable to me. She’s never hidden anything she’s done or went through. And for me, that was so good, because I feel like I’m able to talk to her about things like a real person. And I’m gonna … you know, how … she’s gotta have arms of love for me and yes, she disciplines me. She’s gonna be real, but at the same time, she’s … that love never fades. And it never fails.

Jim: And you feel it.

Sadie: And I feel that. And it’s so important for a daughter to feel that and that you can relate, you know, because sometimes we’re like, “Oh, well, we don’t want mom to know that because she would freak out and she’d think all my friends are like this.” But she’s been through the same thing, you know. We forget that sometimes, that our moms have been through it. And the reason they say that is because they’ve been through it.

And so, my mom to listen … she did not have any sympathy. She’s like, “Why are you crying? Like that’s ridiculous.” (Laughter) “That … I can’t even believe like you’re … like thinking about that.” And I’m going, “Mom (Crying), isn’t that mean?” She’s like, “Who cares? Don’t read it.” (Laughter) I’m like, “It has 2 million followers.” “Who cares? It doesn’t matter. You know who you are.”

Jim: You talked about in your book something I want to pull up, ‘cause every parent would wish their teenager would catch this, ‘cause it’s so powerful. And that is, when you notice a character flaw in yourself, you fix it. How did you catch that? And how do you apply it?

Sadie: Well, this is something my family, like I was saying, my parents are in a very good way tough like that. And they … my family, all of us—my brothers, sisters—we’re so honest with each other and even my cousins and my aunts and uncles. And I think like, having that open heart to hear and receive, you know, what maybe my brother sees in me that I could work on. And my brother and I …

Jim: You would listen to your brother?

Sadie: It …

Jim: ‘Cause that right there, that’s good.

Sadie: As crazy as it sounds (Laughter), my brother, John Luke, we’re 21 months apart, so we’re pretty close and we’re like seriously like so close. He’s probably the closest person to me. And growing up with him, we were not close for a long time until like middle school and I started having this bully in my grade. It’s like kinda funny now that I look back at it.

But John Luke one day came to my class and went and talked to her and was like, “That’s my sister and like it hurts me to see her hurt. And I don’t know where this is coming from in your heart.” And it was so, like it just was—

Jim: Wow.

Sadie: --so amazing to see my brother do that and so respectfully and so loving to her, too. And uh … he’s a freshman in high school, you know and he came and did that. And from that moment on, not kidding, we were like this close.

Jim: He had your back.

Sadie: We did not … he had my back and I had his and so, I think even with that relationship, he would be able to tell me if I was doing something wrong. Or you know, “Sadie, are you doin’ that to make that happen?” I would be able to say that to him and my parents and both of us. And so, my mom is like, “It’s okay. We’re all gonna have those things. But let’s work on it to fix it.” So, for me, I used to be like the most sensitive person ever when I was little. Like I would cry, like if I (Laughter) thought I made somebody upset or thought that is … like, oh, my gosh, I was like so sensitive.

Or if somebody said like the smallest thing to me, I would think about it for like three months. And my mom was like, “Sadie, that is a problem- that is eatin’ you alive.” And uh … they would call me like “sensitive Sue” and “sensitive Sally” and it would drive me crazy. And I was like, okay, I’m just not gonna be this way anymore. And it took like a year, you know.

Jim: Wow.

Sadie: But that was in middle school and had I not done that then, all these comments for the show, oh, I wouldn’t have been able to stand ‘em all on TV. But I’m so glad and so, it really worked out for me, you know, fixin’ that character flaw, ‘cause that could’ve been really bad.

Jim: Take me into a best friend relationship with you. What would you say and there will be teens listening, ‘cause moms are gonna say, you gotta listen to this with me, this broadcast.

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: As a friend of someone who is that sensitive and you see it in your friend, how would you deal with that? How would you express to that friend to not be so taken by what others think of you ?

Sadie: Yeah, I think, you know, first of all, for the friend, you know, that’s so important that they be honest. For you, it’s so important for your heart to receive that. And so, I think just as much as your friend, you know, having that courage in her heart to say something, it’s just as much you have to listen.

And you know, my friends and I, we … this is what I love about our friend group most. If there’s a problem, the first person we come to is each other. And uh … because …

Jim: And that’s kind of the rule for you guys.

Sadie: That’s a rule for us, you know, like if you hear something going on, the first person you should ask is me, because I’m your friend. And so, I think just like not, you know, not being too sensitive, not over thinking things, trust each other’s intentions. And that comes, I think you practice that in your friendship. And then later it comes in your marriage and it comes in your, you know, relationship with your kids and stuff. And so, for me, I think all these qualities that we learn in high school with our friends, eventually become our family and our … our husbands. So, I think for my friends and I, it’s been cool to kinda train each other in that.

Jim: And how do you work the Scripture into that as a star? I mean, people look at you. They—

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: --want to be around you.

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: That’s one of the burdens or one of the great opportunities for someone who gets a lot of notoriety. How do you weave the Scripture in your relationship with God? I think that’s one of the, certainly the reason you’re on the cover of Brio, is your steadfast faith as a 19-year-old, to be able to withstand the culture when they’re comin’ at you and say, “I’ve got principles I live by. I’m gonna do this. This is my dating approach.”

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: This is how I deal with guys.

Sadie: Uh-hm.

Jim: This is how I deal with … how do you weave that into the conversation with your friends about what’s God’s opinion of this?

Sadie: Absolutely, well, my friends, I’m very like blessed to have friends that are so, you know, in tune with the Word, as well. And so, it’s lot of pouring into me, as well and that has been so great, because a lot of times, you know what our job as a celebrity is really to share with the world and to pour into, you know people that follow you or whatever.

And so, for me to have a friend group like that. And it’s really important for me to give back to them, too, but it’s been awesome. And so, they encourage me in my reading and in my faith and in my journey. And this year, more than ever, in this last year, I realize the importance of Scripture. And I feel like Scripture has kind of came to life finally for me. Um … “Dancing with the Stars” kinda started that, because I needed it.

John: In what way?

Sadie: Um … well, I remember I was so scared, you know. I mean, that is scary. And I did not know how to dance like at all. When I went on that show, I had never danced in front of a human before in my life. Like I was like, this is gonna be potentially tragic. (Laughter) I thought for sure, like my family was like, just try to make it past week three.

Jim: But what courage. I mean—

Sadie: Yeah, I mean …

Jim: --even though you had all that work. So many people—

Sadie: Oh.

Jim: --would bail out. At least—

Sadie: I tried.

Jim: --you kept goin’ forward.

Sadie: I tried to bail, but (Laughter) I actually tried to bail before it started and my little sister said to me, ‘cause I said, I’m not gonna do it, whenever they asked me, I was like, no, not for me. And uh … my little sister took me out … or I took her out to lunch and she was 11-years-old at the time and she looked at me and she said, “Sadie, I need to ask you somethin’.” I said, “Well, okay.” And she said, “Is this the fear talkin’ or is this Sadie talkin’?”

John: Oh, my word.

Sadie: I was like, Okay! (Laughter)

John: What a great insight.

Jim: Now we’re gettin’ down to business.

Sadie: Yeah.

John: Yeah.

Sadie: And I was like, uh … “You’re right, you know.” And as soon as she said that, I went to my mom and I said, “Hey, could you call those producers back and tell them that I’ll do it?” And uh … she called them and I was a week late to everything. Everybody had all started.

John: Just to compound—

Sadie: I flew out to—

John: --the problem.

Sadie: --L.A. the next day um … and started the journey. And for me, I was so afraid. You know, it was the first time to go away from my family and L.A., like the middle of Hollywood. And that’s when Scripture really came to life, because I had to depend on it. And um … just speaking that Scripture like, speaking it over me and in my life and in that building.

And I remember just like putting my hand on the voting of “Dancing with the Stars” like CBS studios and bein’ like, “God, You are in this building and this is an opportunity for You to make Your name known to so many people through this amazing show that so many think it like so scandalous, like God, like use me in whatever way. And so, just really being able to pray like that and like read my Scripture and like make that come alive.

Jim: Especially in that environment where you’re—

Sadie: In that environment.

Jim: --walk into CBS studios.

Sadie: Yeah, when—

Jim: That’s somethin’.

Sadie: --people look at you like, “What is she doin’ over there?” And touching the wall and praying out loud and (Laughter) I don’t even care, like I have to do this right now.

Jim: That’s fantastic.

Sadie: And uh … that … I mean, that changed my faith, my walk of faith, my life and how I started being like, it is so important to clothe yourself in Scripture, you know.

Jim: Yeah. You had something take place and again, another social media “phenom.” It was the Five Second Pledge.

Sadie: Uh-hm.

Jim: And that really busted out in social media. What was that? How’d it happen?

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: And uh … what’d you express?

Sadie: So, whenever I was um …just starting in high school, my cousin started a Bible study. And it was with all of my friends and one day she said … she’s older than us and she’s married now and has two little kids and she said to us, “Like girls, this is a really important lesson.” She said, “Always remember that five seconds of awkward can save you from a lifetime of regret.” And when she said it, I was like, you know, I thought, oh, that’s a good saying, you know, whatever.

Jim: Did you understand the context of what—

Sadie: I … I—

Jim: --she meant?

Sadie: --I kind of did, but I hadn’t been in any situation yet. You know, we—

Jim: Yeah.

Sadie: --just were going into high school. And then we got to high school and I was like, oh, my gosh, five seconds of awkward can save you from a lifetime of regret. And I started to realize it takes that. And (Chuckling) it might be a little longer than five seconds to, you know, may be a little awkward for longer, but like the importance of saying no, the importance of sticking up for yourself in that moment. And then forever not having that to look back on and say, “If I would’ve just said no that day, you know.” And uh … for me, that was a huge lesson in my life and so I wrote it in the book and it ended up doing a video on YouTube. And so many high schoolers and college kids were able- and middle school, too- were able to relate to that and say, wow, you know, like this has helped me so much.

And it’s so funny that my cousin was like, “I didn’t even know when I said that, that it was gonna stick for so many people around the world.” But it has, ‘cause it’s so true.

Jim: And it’s great advice. You know, that’s hard to do, but it’s the right thing to do in those moments where temptation is running crazy, right?

Sadie: Yeah, for sure.

Jim: So, that’s so good. Let me zero in on just a couple of other areas before we sign off for the day. Teens, a lot of parents will look at where teens are at today and they have a lot of fear, ‘cause they’re not seeing certain attributes developing the way they might remember them developing in them as teenagers.

Sadie: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Jim: What do you say about the teen culture today, people, the teenagers and should we have hope and faith in that next generation, that they can actually do it?

Sadie: Absolutely, I think for me, what I’ve realized lately is-- and I was actually writing a message yesterday that I’ll be sharing at um … some stuff, an event that I’m doing this month. And I was thinking about the difference in how it used to be and how it is now and stuff like that. And I think a lot of teens right now are finding so much purpose in their passion and what they’re passionate about and doing that and that’s the journey they’re taking.

As opposed to finding their purpose in maybe what the routine of the world says to do. And so, I think it may look different and it may be different and you know, like for instance, a lot of people may not go to college nowadays and that’s a lot different than it used to be. But when they’re passionate about something that maybe can take off when they’re young, I think that, that’s awesome.

And so, I think for so many people, nowadays they’re so Spirit-led and Spirit-driven and they’re like, no, no, no; like God has got this and He’s not gonna lead me where He’s not going. You know, so I think, you shouldn’t be scared of these times. You know, people say, “Well, social media can be so dark.” But it can also be so bright and it can be set to light. And uh …so, instead of being scared and running from these times, like embrace it, you know and run straight for it and find … find your purpose and your passion and be Spirit-led. And I think that a lot of people are doin’ that.

Jim: Well, that’s wonderful. Sadie Robertson, what an impressive young lady you are and uh … I would say that you would say it’s because you’re rooted in the Word of God—

Sadie: Absolutely.

Jim: --and you know Him as your personal Lord and Savior.

Sadie: Uh-hm.

Jim: And I’m just lookin’ at you going, what an awesome job the Lord has done in your life—

John: Uh-hm.

Jim: -- that your mom and dad and your siblings have done and it’s just beautiful to see a young person on fire for the Lord. So, keep it up, because—

Sadie: Thank you.

Jim: --people are watching you.

Sadie: Yeah.

Jim: It’s a burden, but man, um … you’re doin’ great.

Sadie: Thank you.

Jim: So, just stay the course and stay close to the Lord. And let me also add, thanks for participating with us with the launch of Brio magazine. That’s such an honor for us.

Sadie: Oh, man.

Jim: So, thank you.

Sadie: Such an honor for me. Thank y’all.


John: Sadie Robertson on today’s Best of 2017 Focus on the Family Broadcast. And it’s so refreshing to hear her heart. She is on fire for the Lord!

Jim: She really is, John, and I said it at the top of the program, I’ll say it again, Sadie is an impressive young lady! She’s a great role model, which can be an overwhelming responsibility but she handles it with such poise and grace. And if you like the program, you’re gonna want to tune in on Christmas Day, we’re gonna be talking with her grandparents, Phil and Kay Robertson. We were able to spend time with them at their home; it was so much fun. But we are grateful for Sadie’s participation with the launch of Brio magazine and coming here to talk with us at Focus. Here at Focus on the Family we want to equip you as parents to launch your child into adulthood in a way that is strong and hopefully long-lasting. We do that through great tools and resources like Brio magazine and programs like our Daily Broadcast. We seek to bring you information that will strengthen your relationships and each other and with our Lord. That’s what counts.

Let me share a story about the impact Brio has had. Charity from Oklahoma wrote this and said, “I grew up overseas as a missionary kid. We didn’t have many Christian resources available then. When I was 11, someone decided to send me Brio magazine. I remember reading an article that spoke about waiting until you were married to be intimate. The way it was written made so much sense to me-- why would I not want to save myself for my future husband? Fast forward to me being 18. I started dating my first boyfriend with marriage in mind and we got married in 2004. Both of us had kept our vow of purity. My husband and I have been happily married for 12 years now and have 3 children. I was so excited that Brio is back, just in time for my oldest daughter to turn 11. I ordered it today and can’t wait for her to receive it. Thank God for Brio! I know that because of those articles, my life was changed.”

John: It is so wonderful to hear how, for generations now, Brio is having an impact!

Jim: It is! And when you support Focus on the Family with your prayers and your generous donations, you allow us to continue providing this kind of trusted advice to families just like yours. So partner with us today and give the gift of family this year. Together we can help families thrive in Christ. With your gift today, no amount is too small, we’ll be happy to send you your choice of Sadie’s book,Live Original,or a full year’s subscription to Brio as our way of saying thanks. And through a special matching challenge, your support will go twice as far now. Friends of the ministry have offered to match your gift dollar for dollar. So if you give $50, it’s $100 and so on. We couldn’t do that without you, so please, step up, meet the challenge and let’s save as many families as we can for the name of Christ.

John: You can donate and get a copy of Sadie’s book Live Original and also a Brio magazine and our Best of 2017 set all at or when you call 800-A-FAMILY.

Have a great weekend and be sure to be back with us on Monday-- we have another Best of 2017 program. It’s British evangelist J.John providing four reasons why he believes in the truth of the gospel.


J.John: I’m a Christian because it’s true. I’m a Christian because I need forgiveness. I’m a Christian because Jesus died for me. I’m a Christian because it actually works.

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Sadie Robertson is a star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and runner up on season 19 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. She has also ventured into acting with roles in God’s Not Dead 2 and I'm Not Ashamed. Sadie is a motivational speaker to young people and the author of three books, including the New York Times bestseller, Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps it Real and Stays True to Her Values. She's involved in multiple business ventures, including a prom dress line with Sherri Hill, school supplies for DaySpring and a fashion line with Wild Blue Denim that can be found in Rue 21 stores around the country. Keep up with Sadie by visiting her Facebook page.