Seeing My Family as a Priority

A parenting tip from Adrienne Camp

When I first became a mom to Bella, I was eager to do something outside the house, but it seemed impossible. We were a part of a small church community in Lafayette, Indiana, at the time, where Jeremy’s parents pastor. There were so many needs at the church and so few people to fill them. One day I was talking to my mom-in-law,
Teri, about these needs and how much I wanted to fill them, and yet I didn’t have the time or capacity to do so. She reminded me that there are seasons for everything. Just because there is a need doesn’t mean I have to be the one to fill it. I learned to focus on the things only I could fulfill—especially in motherhood.

Adrienne Camp is a South African singer and songwriter, and the wife of Jeremy Camp, a Grammy nominated singer and songwriter. Adapted with permission from In Unison by Jeremy and Adrienne Camp, published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon, 97408. Copyright © 2020 Jeremy and Adrienne Camp.

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