Family Devotions On the Go

Need a quick family devotion while you’re on the go? Try these.

Some days are difficult for families to find time for a family devotion, especially when you spend more time in the car than in your home. Here is a unique devotional download that a passenger in the car can read to the rest of the family on those crazy-schedule days — On-the-Go Devotions.

Here are three samples of devotions found in this free download:

Family Devotion: The Body of Christ

Play: Have family members extend their arms straight out to the sides. Start a timer. See how long everyone can hold this position. When one person’s arms drop, the timer stops. Repeat to try and set a family record. As you do this a second or third time, encourage each other as you grow tired of holding up your arms, so you can set a new family record.

Talk: Sometimes encouragement from others can help us do things we couldn’t do alone. As followers of Christ and members of His body, we are told to encourage one another (Hebrews 10:24–25). This is especially important when life gets tough. We need to take time to encourage our friends and family by sharing God’s Word with them. We can remind them that whatever happens, Jesus will help them keep going. Whom can you encourage today?

Pray: Ask God to help you become more aware of those who need encouragement.

— Christine St. Jacques

Family Devotion: The Church Rescued by Christ

Play: Ask each family member to choose a made-up superhero name and explain what superhero powers he has. Have others suggest a crisis and let each superhero demonstrate how his superhero powers can solve the crisis.

Talk: For thousands of years, all of humankind was in crisis, and we needed a superhero. We were trapped by our own sins. Even when we wanted to do good, we often chose to sin instead. We became slaves to sin. That’s why Jesus came down from heaven and rescued His church. He set us free from our sins (John 8:35–36). Those He has saved, His church, are free to love and serve God and others. What makes Jesus the superhero over all superheroes?

Pray: Thank Jesus for giving himself up for you. Ask Him to cleanse you from sin and set you free to love and serve Him.

— Kristen Joy Wilks

Family Devotion: The Church as Christ’s Disciples

Play: Put your arms around your child and say, “You are trapped. The only way to get free is to follow my instructions.” Let the child squirm until she is ready to follow your instructions. Your instructions should be something creative, such as tug on her earlobes twice, stomp her foot and sing “Jesus Loves Me.” Then release the child.

Talk: When you are stuck, directions can help you—but only if you follow them. Jesus told His followers that they were truly His disciples if they continued to obey His instructions (John 8:31–32). If they did, they would know the truth, and it would set them free. Following Jesus and His directions, which are found in the Bible, brings freedom. This was true for those who believed in Jesus when He was on earth, and it’s also true for us today. We need to obey Jesus and His instructions. What are some of the instructions Jesus has given us?

Pray: Ask God to help you obey His Word and learn more about Him every day.

— Christine St. Jacques

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