Facts and Research on Adoption and Orphan Care

Alena Yakusheva

Facts to help you through the adoption process.

  • 400,000 kids are in US foster care, 100,000 of them waiting for adoptive families.
  • Average age of kids in care is 8.9 years old.
  • Average time spent in foster care is 21.8 months.
  • More than 30,000 kids have spent more than 5 years in foster care.
  • Total orphans worldwide: 153 million. (Source:  U.S. Government “5th Annual Report to Congress on Public Law 109-95” and affirmed by UNICEF)
  • See the number of kids in your state here.
  • More than 103,000 benevolent post-adoption resources provided to families.
  • Impact stats:
    • 26 events in 18 states
    • More than 13,000 event attendees
    • More than 3,000 families initiating the process of adoption through Wait No More
    • Approximately 250 different private and government agencies and ministries supporting families through the process
    • More than 4,600 families have received post-adoption conference scholarships

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