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5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter by Vicki Courtney
Help your daughter navigate social and spiritual influences to become a virtuous, gracious, godly woman.

5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son by Vicki Courtney
Courtney shares age-appropriate tips on helping your son learn the value of—and what it means to live out—godly manhood.

The 20 Hardest Questions Every Mom Faces by Dannah Gresh 
“Praying Your Way to Realistic, Biblical Answers”

30 Ways a Mother Can Bless Her Children by John Trent 
Trent draws from scriptural teaching on blessing others to offer unique ways mothers can bless their sons and daughters—from read-alouds to snacks and more.

31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom by Arlene Pellicane 
Rediscover your joy. Find encouraging Scripture, wisdom from experienced moms, and humorous stories.

52 Things Kids Need From a Mom by Angela Thomas 
Are you so busy doing things for your kids that you have little time to do things with them? Thomas offers creative suggestions for intentional moments of connection with your children.

Am I Messing Up My Kids? by Lysa TerKeurst
TerKeurst helps you relax, let go of guilt, and turn to God for support and guidance.

Anchored by Kayla Aimee
“Finding Hope in the Unexpected”

Be the Mom by Tracey Eyster 
“Overcome Attitude Traps and Enjoy Your Kids”

Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids by Sharon Jaynes 
Jaynes offers practical suggestions for connecting with your kids and helping them gain healthy self-esteem—while helping you remember your own invaluable worth!

Better Together by Jill Savage
“Because You’re Not Meant to Mom Alone”

Boy-Sterous Living by Jean Blackmer 
“Celebrating Your Loud and Rowdy Life With Sons”

Brave Mom by Sherry Surratt 
“Facing and Overcoming Your Real Mom Fears”

Busy Mom’s Guide to Parenting Young Children by Paul C. Reisser, M.D. 
Using a helpful question-and-answer format, Reisser takes you from birth through the tween years—offering practical tips on sleep patterns, discipline, potty training, involvement in sports, and more.

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Baby’s First Year by Erin MacPherson
This easy-to-read guide offers tips and encouraging anecdotes to help you adjust to life as a new mom.

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby by Erin MacPherson
Find advice, encouragement, and lots of humor as MacPherson walks you through this season.

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Parenting a Toddler by Erin MacPherson 
MacPherson offers been-there-done-that encouragement and help for navigating the unique aspects of raising a toddler.

Cleaning House by Kay Wills Wyma 
“A Mom’s 12-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement”

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson 
Describing one mother’s exhaustion and one mentor’s tireless encouragement, this book holds honest questions and practical, encouraging answers.

Expectant Parents by Suzanne Gosselin 
“Preparing Together for the Journey of Parenthood”

Hoodwinked by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk
“Ten Myths Moms Believe & Why We All Need to Knock It Off”

I Need Some Help Here! Hope for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan by Kathi Lipp 
Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, find tips to help you and your children work through difficult situations such as being left out, sickness, and making poor choices.

Longing for Paris by Sarah Mae 
“One Woman’s Search for Joy, Beauty, and Adventure—Right Where She Is”

The Missional Mom: Living With Purpose at Home & in the World by Helen Lee
Whether you’re a full-time homemaker or a working mother, Lee helps you use your gifts to further God’s Kingdom. Embrace your identity, understand your cultural context, resist the status quo, confront life’s realities, and more.

Moms on the Job: Seven Secrets for Success at Home and Work by Sabrina O’Malone 
O’Malone has six children, spent over a decade in the workforce, and is president of Working Mom Enterprises. She shares how to successfully juggle childrearing and a job.

Mother & Son by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
“The Respect Effect”

Mother-Daughter Duet by Cheri Fuller and Ali Plum 
“Getting to the Relationship You Want With Your Adult Daughter”

My Heart’s at Home by Jill Savage 
“Becoming the Intentional Mom Your Family Needs”

No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage
“Learn to Love Your Real Life”

Parenting Is Your Highest Calling by Leslie Leyland Fields 
“And 8 Other Myths That Trap Us in Worry and Guilt”

Praying for Boys by Brooke McGlothlin
“Asking God for the Things They Need Most”

Raising a Modern-Day Princess by Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna 
You can raise daughters who have a healthy self-image and know who they are in Christ.

Real Moms … Real Jesus: Meet the Friend Who Understands by Jill Savage 
Jesus understands and wants to help you in your struggles as a mother. Discover scriptural truths that relate to the everyday challenges of parenting.

She’s Gonna Blow! by Julie Ann Barnhill 
“Real Help for Moms Dealing With Anger”

Six Ways to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy by Dannah Gresh 
How can you teach your tween son to be honest, confident, and respectful when the world encourages him to make bad decisions? Gresh offers six proactive ways moms can help their sons learn to honor God and live a life of faith.

Six Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl by Dannah Gresh 
When the world wants her to grow up too fast, how do you help your daughter navigate modesty, media, body image, and boy-craziness? Come alongside your daughter as she becomes a confident, godly young woman.

Sparkly Green Earrings: Catching the Light at Every Turn by Melanie Shankle 
Shankle offers a vulnerable, humorous look at the beautiful mess of true motherhood.

Stopping Stress Before It Stops You by Dr. Kevin Leman 
“A Game Plan for Every Mom”

Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker 
Baker realized that successful motherhood isn’t about a checklist. It’s about embracing the changes it brings to your life as you nurture your child.

(un)Natural Mom by Hettie Brittz 
“Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids”

What a Difference a Mom Makes by Dr. Kevin Leman 
“The Indelible Imprint a Mom Leaves on Her Son’s Life”

What a Girl Needs From Her Mom by Cheri Fuller 
Life for our daughters isn’t the same as it was for us. Find tips for handling social media dangers, body image issues, faith challenges, and more.

The Wonder Within You: Celebrating Your Baby’s Journey From Conception to Birth by Carey Wickersham
Sonograms, dietary and medical advice, and stories from experienced moms are combined to encourage 40 weeks of intentional and joyful prenatal parenting.

Your Boy by Vicki Courtney 
“Raising a Godly Son in an Ungodly World”

Your Marriage Can Survive a Newborn by Glenn and Natalie Williams
Be prepared for the “baby-bomb”—the effects of a newborn upon your marital relationship—with tips from those who’ve been there. Learn to strengthen your marriage as you face one of the most challenging times of your life: parenthood.

Assuring Moms in Their Parenting Journey (Dannah Gresh)
Gresh offers biblically-based wisdom to moms wrestling with difficult questions like: “Am I messing up my kids?” “How do I keep my kids from walking away from the faith?” and “Should I work or stay at home?”

Being a Good Role Model for Your Daughter (Cheri Fuller)
Fuller talks about the importance of moms listening to, encouraging, and helping their daughters. She emphasizes prayer and reminds moms that it’s never too late to turn a difficult relationship around.  

Being Intentional in the Life of Your Kids (Angela Thomas) 
Thomas encourages moms to make a life-long difference in their kids’ lives. She shares practical ideas for dinner, conversation, discipline, and overcoming fears. Be intentional about creating family moments filled with love and grace.

The Boisterous Adventure of Raising Boys (Jean Blackmer) 
Blackmer offers suggestions about communicating with boys, and she explains how to instill a servant’s heart to prepare them for future leadership roles.

Bringing Joy Back to Motherhood (Julie Barnhill) 
Overcome unreasonable expectations and find new joy in your parenting journey.

Celebrating the Wonder of Pregnancy From Conception to Birth (Carey Wickersham) 
Wickersham shares about miscarrying twins at 20 weeks, how she dealt with her grief, and how she chose to celebrate every week of her next pregnancy.

Confronting Your Fears As a Mom (Sherry Surratt, Jean Daly)
Surratt offers seven habits of a healthy mom, including prioritizing spiritual development, investing in your marriage, and parenting with eternity in mind. 

Critical Talks to Have With Your Son (Vicki Courtney) 
Whether it’s swimming against the tide of the culture, teaching him moral values, or training him to be self-supporting, your steady spiritual influence is vital for your son’s future.

Embracing the Imperfections of Real-Life Motherhood (Jill Savage) 
Savage encourages you to let go of perfection. She also recounts the difficult season she and her husband walked through—and how it impacted their children—to help you realize the importance of turning to God for wisdom and affirmation.

Encouraging the Father in Your Husband (Dr. Greg Smalley) 
Smalley discusses the common differences between mothers and fathers, the unique role dads play in their children’s lives, and how wives can encourage their husbands in their parenting efforts.

Encouraging Young Moms Through Intentional Friendships (Sally Clarkson, Sarah Mae)
Clarkson and Mae discuss the risk of burnout for new moms and how to find godly mentors who will point them to Christ.  

Enjoying the Ups and Downs of Motherhood (Melanie Shankle) 
Shankle shares the impact of a miscarriage, what it was like to first hold her daughter, and the transition of going back to work. She talks about navigating competitiveness in motherhood, and that God designed you to be the mother of your child.

Eradicating the Entitlement Mentality in Your Kids (Kay Wyma) 
Sharing from her book Cleaning House: A Mom’s 12-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement, Wyma recounts the missteps and triumphs that led her to a deeper appreciation of her children—and helped them become more selfless.

Finding Joy in Motherhood (Arlene Pellicane)
Pellicane encourages moms that they can be HAPPY: healthy, action-oriented, prayerful, perseverant, and yes-filled.

Finding Peace in the Midst of Mommy Stress (Lysa TerKeurst) 
TerKeurst, a mom of five, recognizes that all mothers make mistakes and experience feelings of guilt and failure. Here, she identifies common sources of stress and reminds you to entrust your children to the Lord’s care.

Finding Your Identity As a Mom (Lisa-Jo Baker) 
Baker lost her mom to cancer when she was 18 and vowed to never have children. But God changed her heart. Becoming a mom made her realize that all the how-to books in the world could never prepare her for the joy and love of motherhood.

Fun Ideas to Make Your Summer Memorable (Kathi Lipp) 
Lipp offers thoughts to help you plan activities the whole family will enjoy. Reading, chores, and play all have a place—and don’t forget to invite other moms along! 

Godly Encouragement for Tween Daughters (Dannah Gresh) 
Gresh offers practical and frank advice about starting sex education before your little girls hear false and harmful information from others. Learn creative ways to teach daughters how to accept the beauty God has given them.

Growing and Thriving During Your Pregnancy Journey (Erin MacPherson, Eva Daniel) 
MacPherson and Daniel share what pregnancy was like compared to their expectations, how important it is to focus on your marriage, and how to rely on God during good days and rough patches.

Helpful Advice for Moms Raising Daughters (Darlene Brock) 
Brock shares how you can take an active role in the lives of your teen daughters, always keeping the doors for dialogue open so girls have a safe place to go for advice.

Helping Your Husband Be a Courageous Father (Dr. Juli Slattery)
Christian marriages should be shining examples to the world of how husbands and wives interact with and encourage each other. Slattery explains how you can support your husband in his role as a father.

Hope-Filled Encouragement for Being a Great Mom (Sharon Jaynes) 
Jaynes urges busy moms to make it a practice to encourage their children by being a positive role model and helping their kids develop a healthy self-esteem.

In Honor of Mothers Everywhere (Dennis Swanberg)
Swanberg offers a tribute to moms. With his trademark humor, he shares stories about his mother that are sure to tickle the funny bone and touch the heart.  

Jesus: A Real Friend for Real Moms (Jill Savage)
Savage discusses the importance of establishing healthy boundaries with kids so your marriage can thrive. Also learn how to be intentional about finding rest and how to benefit from the support of other moms.

Letting Go of Perfect (Jill Savage)
Don’t compare your messy side with your friends’ perfect-seeming life. Savage encourages you to find relief from performance anxiety by allowing yourself and your loved ones to make mistakes.

Liberating Yourself From the Common Myths of Motherhood (Karen Ehman, Ruth Schwenk)
Ehman and Schwenk shed light on false ideas about being perfect mothers. Embrace who you are as a mom.

Managing Anger: Help and Hope for Moms (Julie Barnhill) 
Barnhill openly shares how, with God’s help, she was able to overcome her out-of-control anger. She offers practical ideas for handling the inevitable stress of raising children by viewing frustrations in light of eternity.

A Mother’s Influence on Her Son (Dr. Kevin Leman)
Moms have a great opportunity to raise sons to become men of integrity and character. Leman discusses the characteristics of boys, discipline techniques, and how to parent boys at different ages.

Navigating Tears, Tantrums and Toddlers (Dr. Paul and Mrs. Teri Reisser) 
The Reissers share encouragement and practical advice to moms with children under the age of five. Learn to care for your marriage and navigate “toddler care burnout” during these formative years.

Navigating the Early Grade School Years (Erin MacPherson, Ellen Schuknect) 
Mother and daughter guests suggest that the best thing you can do as your child enters the grade school years is pray. They also talk about the importance of helping your child grow toward independence.

Navigating the Toddler Years (Erin MacPherson)
MacPherson helps you deal with joys and challenges of raising toddlers—and she encourages you to trust God and find a supportive community.

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Baby’s First Year (Erin MacPherson, Eva Daniel)
MacPherson and Daniel talk about how new moms can find their identity in God—as well as how to navigate sleep-deprivation, baby blues, losing baby weight, and maintaining a strong relationship with your husband.

The Power of a Mother’s Prayers (Fern Nichols, Jody Gloor, Kathy Kilmann)
Guests share stories of their own experiences as moms who needed the fellowship of others in prayer. They urge moms to find at least one other mother to pray with on behalf of their children, schools, and teachers.

The Power of Moms in Community (Jill Savage and Anne McClane)
Savage and McClane discuss the need for moms to have friends who encourage and support them in the challenges of parenting.

Powerful Hope for Discouraged Moms (Kathi Lipp) 
Lipp helps moms face challenges ranging from toddler meltdowns to teens getting arrested. She vulnerably describes her own struggles as a parent and discusses how you can work through guilt, shame, and the illusion of being in control. 

Praying for Your Sons (Brooke McGlothlin)
McGlothlin discusses the need for parents to pray Scripture over their sons. She shares advice on raising boys to be men of integrity, character, and respect. 

Preparing Sons to Be Great Husbands (Sheri Rose Shepherd) 
Shepherd helps you guide your sons into manhood—helping them become strong, healthy, and respectful men who are great husbands and fathers.

Preparing Your Son for Biblical Manhood (Vicki Courtney)
A mother’s nature is to cling to her son, but it’s critical that she prepare him for launch. Learn to provide tools that help him stand strong in his beliefs.  

Real-World Advice on Parenting Toddlers (Lorilee Craker) 
Craker addresses toddler issues such as discipline, playtime, and toilet training. She reminds moms of the need to take care of themselves—and of the importance of allowing children to develop independence while still maintaining full parental control.

Recognizing Your Son’s Need for Respect (Dr. Emerson Eggerichs)
Learn to raise your sons in a healthy way and trust God with the outcome of your parenting.

The Sacred Calling of Motherhood (Erin Davis) 
Davis and her husband initially decided not to have children for several years because of commitment to youth ministry. But God opened their hearts to the value of children, and now Davis helps women rediscover the godly calling of motherhood.

Seeking Adventure in the Midst of Motherhood (Sarah Mae and Eva Daniel)
Mae and Daniel talk about why moms feel discontent, what longings reveal about our soul, and how we can find our identity in Christ and allow Him to lead and guide us.

Shattering the Popular Myths of Parenting (Leslie Leyland Fields)
Fields shares how she found freedom in Christ, learned to release her children to God, and allowed Him to work in their lives.

Sound Advice for Working Moms (Sabrina O’Malone)
The only way to be both a great mom and a great employee is to glorify God in each of these areas. Be encouraged to find balance as a working mom so you can maximize your effectiveness at home and in the office.

Stress Relief for Busy Moms (Dr. Kevin Leman) 
Leman discusses the top stressors for women: kids, lack of time, marriage, money, housework, and careers. Learn the importance of discipline, prioritization, how to work as a team with your spouse, and say “no” when you need to!

Uncovering Your Mom Personality (Hettie Brittz)
Brittz outlines four main mom personality types. She unpacks positive and negative traits of each, and she explains how you can thrive with your children by harmonizing your personality type with theirs.

Understanding Your Role As a Mom (Jill Savage)
It can be easy to fall into the traps of busyness, comparing yourself to other moms, and prioritizing a clean house over time with your kids. But you can invest wisely in everyday moments—and build a lasting connection with your children.

When Mom Friendships Are Hard (Jill Savage and Anne McClane)
Savage and McClane offer advice on overcoming common challenges—such as busyness, perfectionism, pride, fear, and shame—that moms often face in their relationships with other moms.

7 Traits of Effective Parenting Assessment
Good parents aren’t perfect, and that’s OK. There’s no formula to follow, but there are ways you can grow every day. Our assessment gives you an honest look at your unique strengths, plus some areas that might use a little help.

Focus on the Family Counseling Consultation Line
If you need someone to talk to, Focus on the Family offers a free phone counseling consultation with a licensed or pastoral counselor. Call 1-855-771-HELP (4357), Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MT). 

Focus on the Family’s Christian Counselor Network
Search for licensed Christian counselors in your area.

This ministry offers articles, broadcasts, and other resources to help you in your parenting journey.

Knights of Heroes
This nonprofit hosts an annual wilderness camp to encourage children who have lost fathers during military service. Mothers and younger siblings are also cared for.

Moms in Prayer International
This group helps connect mothers who meet weekly to pray for their children, teachers, and administrators.