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The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers by Gary Chapman 
Learn to understand the path your teen is traveling, how to handle their needs for independence and responsibility, and how best to love them during this season.

12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid by Tim Elmore
Elmore considers the parenting examples of Moses, Bill Gates, and others to help you raise and guide responsible children who are confident in your love and in who God uniquely made them to be.

Dating and the Single Parent by Ron Deal 
Whether you’re a single parent currently dating, or you’re thinking about starting a new relationship, Deal can help you navigate the path—and make it one of blessing for your children.

Going It Alone: Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom by Michele Howe
Facing life as a single mom can feel overwhelming when the reality of separation, divorce, or widowhood sinks in. Howe offers practical, compassionate advice for single moms—and she encourages you to anchor yourself in the promises of God.

Growing Through Divorce by Jim Smoke 
This practical resource includes guidelines for facing the changes associated with divorce: accepting new roles, responsibilities, and relationships; single parenting; weekend parenting; and step-parenting.

My Single Mom Life: Stories & Practical Lessons for Your Journey by Angela Thomas 
Thomas encourages single moms with her well-learned lessons on parenting, finances, dating, loneliness, and guilt—and assures them that they can be healthy and strong parents.

Parenting on Your Own by Lynda Hunter 
Hunter answers questions related to custody, visitation, child support, conflict, setting goals, financial challenges, and more.

Raising Kingdom Kids by Tony Evans 
With simple steps toward intentional parenting, you can create a faith-filled home and instill biblical values in your children: wisdom, integrity, faith, resiliency, purity, and service.

Raising Kingdom Kids Devotional by Tony Evans 
90 devotions based on biblical principles help you encourage your children in their walk with God.

She Calls Me Daddy by Robert Wolgemuth 
Wolgemuth cites seven foundational principles for raising healthy girls and addresses topics including discipline, dating, humor, step-parenting, and single parenting.

Single Parenting That Works by Dr. Kevin Leman
“Six Keys to Raising Happy, Healthy Children in a Single Parent Home”

When Happily Ever After Shatters: Seeing God in the Midst of Divorce & Single Parenting by Susan Birdseye 
In the wake of her husband’s affair, Birdseye fought to save her marriage—only to have her husband abandon her and their five children. With honest compassion, she recounts her journey to encourage others on difficult topics such as adultery, forgiveness, anger, and loneliness—and to offer hope and healing that can only be found in Christ.

When Parenting Isn’t Perfect by Jim Daly 
“Perfection is the enemy of parenting. … As parents, we’re called to simply do our best. And when we fail—which we will—we’re called to try again tomorrow.”

Dating Advice for the Single Parent (Ron Deal) 
Deal offers single parents practical wisdom. He encourages them to have patience as they rely on God’s wisdom to navigate the challenges of dating while raising children.

Embracing the Messiness of Parenting (Jim and Jean Daly) 
Jim wrote When Parenting Isn’t Perfect. He and Jean share from their journey of parenting two boys about how to avoid perfectionistic expectations. Instead, inspire joy while encouraging good behavior.

God’s Loving Care for Single Moms (Angela Thomas)
Thomas had a Christian background and expected to enjoy a life-long marriage. Instead, she found herself as a divorced mother of four children. She recounts how God has been faithful to provide for her family and heal her brokenness, and she encourages single moms to rely on the Lord in their difficult seasons.

Solid Advice for the Single Parent Home (Elsa Kok Colopy)
Be encouraged with advice about how to accept God’s grace and successfully navigate the parenting journey as a single parent—from childrearing to cultivating friendships of your own.

Striving to Be a Good Dad (Jim Daly, John Fuller)
Daly describes in detail the “father wound” he felt as a child and how he endeavored to overcome his upbringing to become a good dad for his two sons. He discusses what it takes to be a good dad, why men connect with their children through activity, and the significance of kept promises.

Surviving Divorce and Single Parenthood (Susan Birdseye) 
After 17 years of marriage and 5 children, Birdseye’s husband left her for another woman. With transparency and grace, she describes the devastating effects of that choice on her and her children—and she shares of God’s unending mercies in the midst of heartache and uncertainty.

The Blessing DVD-Based Conversation Kit by Focus on the Family 
Dr. John Trent discusses five important aspects to raising children who know they’re loved: appropriate touch, a spoken message, attaching high value, picturing a special future, and genuine commitment. The kit includes a participant’s guide, a leader’s guide, and material to help involve your entire church.

Raising Kids With a Faith That Lasts by Focus on the Family 
Hosted by Dr. Greg Smalley, this six-session DVD series features top parenting mentors Larry Fowler, Reverend Mark Holmen, and Dr. Tim Kimmel covering topics such as introducing your child to faith, creating a faith plan for your family, and assessing the spiritual needs of your children.

The Power of Love: Building Relationships That Work by Focus on the Family 
Parents with children ages 2 to 12 will learn that when it comes to passing on your faith and values, a good relationship with your son or daughter is the most important key.

Your Child DVD Parenting Seminar: Essentials of Discipline by Focus on the Family 
Dr. Dobson tackles the subject of discipline through discussion, animation, and man-on-the-street interviews.

Launch Into the Teen Years Kit

This six-session online video-based program created by Focus on the Family will help you and your preteen talk about how to make great decisions and soar with confidence. 

Online Video Session Titles:

  • Who Am I? – How God Sees the True You
  • The One About Family, Friends, and Enemies – BFF’s and Boy-Girl Relationships
  • Of Memes & Meanies – Bullies, Criticism, and Voices Worth Listening To
  • Bodies, Sex & Stuff – God Created You
  • What’s Happening to My Body? – Puberty and Relationships
  • The Big Talk – God’s Design for Sex

The Kit Contains:

  • Parent guide
  • Child participant journal
  • Key-code access to online video content
  • Tips on engaging your child, along with questions and activities that will encourage thoughtful consideration and discussion

Additional Details: The video series provides a comprehensive overview of sexual issues related to adolescence and how to talk about them. Viewers follow the experiences of eight young preteens at a camp as they move through activities and challenges that follow each session topic.

7 Traits of Effective Parenting Assessment
Good parents aren’t perfect, and that’s okay. There’s no formula to follow, but there are ways you can grow every day. Our assessment gives you an honest look at your unique strengths, plus some areas that might use a little help.


A Parent’s Guide to Today’s Technology

This outreach is designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families essential tools they need to understand and impact the culture.


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Cloud-Townsend Resources
Henry Cloud and John Townsend offer insight and solutions for life’s challenges.

The HomeWord Center for Youth and Family
Jim Burns and Azusa Pacific University partner to provide a wealth of information related to families, including single parents.

Knights of Heroes
This nonprofit hosts an annual wilderness camp to encourage children who have lost fathers during military service. Mothers and younger siblings are also cared for.

The Leadership Parenting Institute
John Rosemond offers resources, seminars, articles, and answers to wide-ranging parenting questions.

National Center for Fathering
This ministry facilitates fathering seminars and provides Bible study materials, curriculum, and other resources.

Net Nanny
Net Nanny is Focus on the Family’s preferred web filtering software.

Strong Families
Strong Families provides biblical resources from family expert Dr. John Trent to help you and your loved ones grow in faith.