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Separation & Divorce


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Before the Last Resort by George Kenworthy
“3 Simple Questions to Rescue Your Marriage”

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce by Dr. John Trent 
“How Your Marriage Can Succeed Even If Your Parents’ Didn’t”

Broken Heart on Hold by Linda Rooks (not currently available through Focus on the Family)
“Surviving Separation”

Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels
“A Story of Romance and Redemption”

The Divorce Dilemma: God’s Last Word on Lasting Commitment by John MacArthur 
Whether you’re married and considering divorce, or divorced and considering remarriage, MacArthur uses Scripture to help you find answers.

Every Reason to Leave by Vicki Rose
“And Why We Chose to Stay Together”

Growing Through Divorce by Jim Smoke 
“Experiencing Hope and Happiness After Divorce”

Hope for the Separated: Wounded Marriages Can Be Healed by Gary Chapman
“Separation is not necessarily the beginning of the end.” Chapman offers steps to achieve the biblical ideal of reconciliation.

I Do Again by Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs
Rediscovering their original love more than seven years after divorcing, the Scruggs share their journey—from an affair, to divorce, to prayerfully seeking redemption and restoration.

I Don’t Love You Anymore by David Clarke
“What to Do When He Says, I Don’t Love You Anymore: An Action Plan to Regain Confidence, Power, and Control”

I Don’t Want a Divorce by David Clarke 
“A 90-Day Guide to Saving Your Marriage”

Love Must Be Tough: New Hope for Marriages in Crisis by Dr. James Dobson
Dobson offers hope for troubled or abusive marriages, victims of infidelity, and others on the brink of divorce.

Moving Forward by Jim Smoke
“A Devotional Guide to Finding Hope and Peace in the Midst of Divorce”

New Life After Divorce by Bill Butterworth
“The Promise of Hope Beyond Pain”

One More Try by Gary Chapman
“What to Do When Your Marriage Is Falling Apart”

When God Interrupts by M. Craig Barnes
“Finding New Life Through Unwanted Change”

When Happily Ever After Shatters by Susan Birdseye
“Seeing God in the Midst of Divorce & Single Parenting”

When I Do Becomes I Don’t by Laura Petherbridge 
“Practical Steps During Separation and Divorce”

A Woman’s Guide to Healing the Heartbreak of Divorce by Rose Sweet
Whether you’re facing divorce or grieving a past marriage, learn to let go of your pain. Begin the healing process by forgiving, problem-solving, communicating, and setting new priorities and boundaries.

Yes, Your Marriage Can Be Saved by Joe and Michelle Williams
“12 Truths for Rescuing Your Relationship”

Allowing God to Heal My Messy Marriage (Domingo and Irene Garcia)
The Garcias married in their teens with a baby already on the way. For the next 10 years, Domingo’s drinking and abuse embittered Irene to the point of seeking a divorce. But when they each encountered God’s forgiveness and embraced a fresh start, they discovered hope that their marriage might actually work. Now married for 47 years (in 2015), the Garcias share how they changed destructive patterns and embraced God’s plan for their marriage.

Asking God to Save Your Marriage (Dr. George Kenworthy) 
Kenworthy helps couples considering divorce understand the difference between the world’s view of happiness in marriage (that it’s “all about me”) and God’s view of unselfish love. He encourages husbands and wives to work through conflict and keep the Lord at the center of their relationship.

Authentic Community: An Anchor in the Storms of Life (Anita Lustrea)
Even when there are biblical grounds for divorce, hurt and shame can leave individuals feeling isolated. Lustrea shares about going through a painful divorce, and she encourages other women in this situation to reach out to their Christian community for fellowship and support.

Charting a New Course for Your Marriage and Family (Pastor Ray and Mrs. Carol Johnston) TAfter 100 years of divorce in Ray’s family, he and Carol wanted something better. Learn to create a thriving marriage filled with realistic expectations, healthy communication, and a safe environment for children.

Giving Your Marriage a Second Chance (Juana Mikels)
Mikels tells the dramatic story of abandoning her marriage after three years, finding faith in Christ, and reconciling with her husband. As of 2016, they celebrated their 35th anniversary!

God’s Word on Divorce and Remarriage (Dr. John MacArthur) 
MacArthur discusses the clear scriptural guidelines regarding divorce and remarriage.  He explains that God allows divorce for specific reasons, and that there is possibility of remarriage without guilt or stigma.

Holding on to Hope During Separation (Dr. Gary Chapman)
Chapman talks about troubled marriages and how love is always a choice, not an emotion. He unpacks the sensitive issues of physically abusive relationships, and what to do when one spouse knows the other is in the midst of an affair. Learn how to trust God when you’re disappointed with your circumstances. 

Hope for Adult Children of Divorce (Dr. John Trent) 
Trent describes divorce as a multigenerational curse, but he offers hope and help to break it. He lists fears that adult children often experience, and he shares suggestions that can help them have successful marriages.

Hope for Every Marriage (Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs) 
The Scruggs share about their initial marriage, Cheryl’s discontent and affair, and the couple’s divorce. As they began seeking the Lord independently, He called them both to forgiveness—and remarriage to each other. Here they caution about the importance of communication, and encourage others with the truth of God’s gracious love.

Marriages That Have Been Restored (call-in)
Testifying to God’s restorative work in their lives, guests tell how they overcame the devastation of difficulties such as infidelity, addiction, financial adversity, divorce, and the death of a child.

Staying Together When You Feel Like Leaving (Bill and Vicki Rose)
The Roses were trying to live the high life in Manhattan. They had little in common—and drug abuse, affairs, and their focus on careers only made things worse. They separated for several years, came to Christ, and God has sustained them now through nearly forty years of marriage.

Surviving Divorce and Single Parenthood (Susan Birdseye) 
After 17 years of marriage and 5 children, Birdseye’s husband chose to leave her for another woman. With transparency and grace, she describes the devastating effects of that choice on her and her children—and she shares of God’s unending mercies in the midst of heartache and uncertainty.

When Your Spouse Says “I Don’t Love You Anymore” (Dr. David Clarke)
Using tough love and a Matthew 18 model, Clarke believes that confronting sin in a wandering spouse’s life is the only way to change their behavior or thinking. By confronting the sin first and the marriage second, couples can do the hard work of repentance—and then move toward healing and a relationship that can be stronger than it was before.

Focus on the Family Counseling Consultation Line
If you need someone to talk to, Focus on the Family offers a free phone counseling consultation with a licensed or pastoral counselor. Call 1-855-771-HELP (4357), Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MT). 

Focus on the Family’s Christian Counselor Network
Search for licensed Christian counselors in your area.

Hope Restored® marriage intensives—a ministry of Focus on the Family
Our intensive programs are held in a retreat setting and are designed to rebuild and restore marriages experiencing significant hurt.

Center for Divorce Education
Information and programs educate the public about divorce. The group also provides direct support to families going through separation or divorce.

Cloud-Townsend Resources
Henry Cloud and John Townsend offer insight about personal and spiritual growth, marriage, and parenting.

Seminars and local support groups help individuals face the challenges of separation and divorce, and move toward rebuilding their lives.

The HomeWord Center for Youth and Family
Find information related to healthy marriages and parenting, including topics unique to separation and divorce.

Love and Respect Ministries
This ministry offers materials, articles, and conferences designed to help strengthen marriages.