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After the Boxes Are Unpacked  by Susan Miller 
Miller offers practical advice for women who are facing a move. She addresses the physical and emotional aspects of moving, and she shares tips for helping your family adjust.

The Anxiety Cure by Dr. Archibald Hart 
Hart explores anxiety and the roles played by brain chemistry, physiological responses, and patterns of thinking—and he compassionately offers steps for holistic healing.

Is Your Teen Stressed or Depressed by Dr. Archibald Hart and Dr. Catherine Hart Weber 
“A Practical and Inspirational Guide for Parents of Hurting Teens”

Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion by Wayne Cordeiro 
A pastor, Cordeiro shares about his own struggle with burnout and how he learned to look to God for wisdom in finding a healthy balance in life.

Margin by Dr. Richard Swenson 
“Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Our Overloaded Lives”

Sanity Secrets for Stressed-Out Women by Sue Augustine 
With biblical principles as a foundation, learn to recognize the signs of approaching burnout and break the stress cycle. Find a healthier balance of body, mind, and spirit.

She’s Gonna Blow! by Julie Ann Barnhill 
You’ve overreacted with your kids, mismanaged your anger, and feel embarrassed and guilty—but you’re not alone. With honesty and humor, Barnhill points you to the amazing grace of God to repair and redeem irritable hearts.

Simple Life by Thom and Art Rainer
“Time, Relationships, Money, God”

Stopping Stress Before It Stops You by Dr. Kevin Leman 
“A Game Plan for Every Mom”

Stress and Your Child by Dr. Archibald D. Hart (not currently available through Focus on the Family)
“The Hidden Reason Why Your Child May Be Moody, Resentful, or Insecure”

Thrilled to Death by Dr. Archibald D. Hart
“How the Endless Pursuit of Pleasure Is Leaving Us Numb”

Understanding and Coping With Trauma by Focus on the Family 
Trauma can affect all of us, resulting in emotional distress and shock that can overwhelm our abilities to cope—potentially leading to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Learn the symptoms of trauma and how to find help toward healing.

Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions by Lysa TerKeurst 
What do you do when, as TerKeurst puts it, people “bump into your happy”? Explode, stuff it down—or somewhere in the middle? With humor, honesty, and biblical wisdom, TerKeurst helps you learn how to better handle tough emotions.

Where Is God? by Dr. John Townsend
Why does God allow us to experience difficulties—and how is He active during our hard times? Townsend observes that it’s the “unfixability” of our problems and our own inability to solve them that keeps us seeking God. Here he shares powerful stories and practical applications to assure us of God’s transforming presence in our daily lives.

Avoiding Burnout in the Midst of a Busy Life (Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, Reverend H.B. London)
Cordeiro offers practical advice from his book Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion. London joins the conversation, as well, to discuss the challenges pastors face.

Help for Families of First Responders (Clarke Cayton, Chris Green, Dave Williams) 
Guests from the ministry Responder Life discuss the challenges and hardships that first responders face—and the unique stresses their families experience. Responder Life strives to help these men and women develop a biblical worldview, encouraging them with the love of Christ and suggesting how others in the community can support first responders.

The Impact of PTSD on Military Families (panel) 
Many military families struggle with the aftereffects of war as men and women return home with physical wounds and psychological pain. A panel discusses their experiences with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and encourages listeners to seek help for their own families.

Improving Your Life Through Small Changes (Dr. Randy Carlson) 
Make one simple change every day to intentionally reduce distractions, battle busyness, and create healthier families. Find advice on how to take the first step in practical matters that will lead to a more fulfilled and productive life for Christ.

Living With the End in Mind (Dr. Richard Swenson) 
Swenson offers practical tips for finding rest and contentment in a world that emphasizes busyness and materialism—because all that really matters at the end of our lives is the love of family and friends, and our love for Jesus.

Restoring Balance to Your Life (Dr. Richard Swenson) 
More than one-third of Americans describe themselves as feeling constantly rushed. Swenson describes how our society has increased in speed, complexity, and stress, and he offers advice on fighting overload and achieving healthy balance in life.

Revitalizing Your Family Through Sleep (Dr. Archibald Hart) 
Hart reminds us of the importance of sleep for adults and children alike, and he outlines its impact on our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. He also offers practical relaxation techniques and describes how individuals with busy lifestyles can still maintain a healthy balance.

Slow Down and Enjoy Life (Pastor John Ortberg) 
Ortberg addresses the hectic pace of life, which results in what he calls “hurry sickness.” He urges listeners to find contentment in what they have and to face the reality of death by making spiritual growth their priority.

Stress Relief for Busy Moms (Dr. Kevin Leman) 
Leman discusses the top six stressors for women—kids, lack of time, husbands, money, housework, and careers.  Learn the importance of discipline, prioritization, how to work as a team with your spouse—and say “no” when you need to!

Taking the Stress Out of the Holidays (panel) 
Guests share advice on managing the most common stress factors of the Christmas season, including financial concerns, dealing with a big meal, boundaries with in-laws, handling grief—and how to keep Christ as the focal point.

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Focus on the Family’s Christian Counselor Network
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Cloud-Townsend Resources
Henry Cloud and John Townsend offer insight and solutions for life’s challenges.

Flourish (Dr. Catherine Hart Weber)
This site offers resources that emphasize mental, emotional, physical and relational health in the context of practical, biblical wisdom.