Free Summer Adventure

Explore the world this summer with these fun activities for the entire family.


Take an epic journey around the world! Without ever leaving your home, your family will have the opportunity to explore countries on six different continents and pray for the people who live there. To make this journey a bit more interesting—and perhaps more adventurous—we're going to send your family on your way with a challenge: to figure out where you are.

Download everything you need for your faith-filled journey, including the travel guide, passport and map.

Travel guide coverTravel Guide

Travel guide for parents: At each destination of your journey, we'll tell you about famous landmarks, popular foods and fun facts about the culture. The clues will help you identify where you've landed. But that's only the beginning of the fun. Enjoy games, activities and faith lessons that will give your children a glimpse into the local culture. Finally, you'll receive insights on how to pray for the needs of people in that country.


Passport: Download your own special passport. As you visit each location, attach the stamp from the country to your passport. The passport helps kids document their world travels.


Travel Map: To make sure you don't get lost, we've provided a map for you to use during your travels. Post it in a central location in your home and use it to locate the country that you are exploring.

Your free summer fun is waiting.