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Understanding Dementia

Caregivers and friends of those with dementia have a responsibility to educate themselves on this condition.

Facing Dementia in Loved Ones

Dementia strikes without regard for physical health or prior intelligence. This apparent randomness often creates fear and anxiety, and may cause friends and family to pull away from the affected individual.

Hospice and Palliative Care: Ministry to the Dying

Fear and dread about dying are widespread, even among Christians. Hospice is a port in the storm at the end of life.

Raising a Child with Down Syndrome

While plenty of parents seem eager to avoid the prospect entirely, talking to those in the throes of raising a child with Down syndrome reveals a much different perspective.

Woman comforting her sad friend

Helping Others Deal With the Pain of Pregnancy Loss

Moms who miscarry, or carry a baby with a fatal diagnosis to term, speak of how the grief and trauma can be compounded by the reactions of other people.

How Families Grieve (and Commemorate) a Lost Pregnancy

Whether a baby survives for just weeks or for several months in the womb, there’s a profound loss of the hopes and dreams that parents carry in their hearts from the moment they learn they’re pregnant.

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Every year, millions of expectant parents the world over face either miscarriage or a fatal prenatal diagnosis that results in the death of their child.

Fetal Alcohol: One Family’s Story

Their infant daughter had trouble eating and sleeping. Lights, smells and sounds were too intense. The Kulps knew something was wrong, but they had no diagnosis.

Facing the Reality of a Fetal Alcohol Diagnosis

Raising a child with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder involves dealing with a range of emotions, embracing faith and cultivating a community of support.

Facts About Fetal Alcohol

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders occur when a woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy. But how much is too much?

Approaching End-of-Life Discussions With Aging Parents

Many adult children find themselves facing tough decisions — and tough discussions — as they witness signs of their parents’ health failing.

Discussing a Loved One’s Terminal Diagnosis

How do you open a discussion with parents about a terminal diagnosis? Begin with preparation and prayer.

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A New Generation Stands for Life

Millennials have a new understanding about when life begins, and it’s making a difference in what they think about abortion.

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Abortion and the Zika Virus

With increased panic about the Zika virus comes a corresponding increase in discussions about abortion as a response.

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Taking Control of End-of-Life Care

End-of-life medical care is complicated and sometimes murky, often requiring quick decisions on matters of life and death. Having a plan in place can make all the difference.

The Problem with Ending It All: A Response to Physician-Assisted Suicide

Physician-assisted suicide is dangerous sign of the times, as doctors move from their longstanding oath of doing patients no harm to actually facilitating their death.

Sarah Kovac: A Capable Woman in the Arms of God

By overcoming a rare congenital birth defect, young wife, mother and YouTube sensation Sarah Kovac is an inspiration to millions facing physical and spiritual challenges.

Fair Does Not Mean Equal: Discipline in adoptive families

One family reveals how they helped their biological child understand discipline differences after adopting an older child.

Resources for Transgenderism and Gender Identity Confusion

These resources may be helpful as a starting point for those looking for hope and healing for gender identity issues.

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Cohabitation as a Means to Marriage

One of the biggest reasons why marriage is more successful than cohabitation is commitment.

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Collateral Damage? Children With a Gay Parent Speak Out

In addition to feeling a sense of loss, especially if a parent has left the home, children may experience shame, humiliation, fear, instability, and confusion.

Developing a Plan, Finding Support

After the initial shock of finding out about your spouse’s homosexuality, it’s important to establish a plan for yourself, your family and a plan for reconciliation with your spouse.

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My Spouse Struggles with Homosexuality

A homosexual struggle may take years to manifest within a marriage.

Husband is being confronted by his wife

Confronting Your Spouse

After spending considerable time in prayer and perhaps with trusted friends and family, you need to present the evidence and express your feelings openly with your spouse.