Benjamin Hawkins

Benjamin Hawkins is a freelance writer and associate editor of The Pathway, the news journal of the Missouri Baptist Convention.

Charlotte Pence Bond smiling with arms crossed

Charlotte Pence Bond: The Freedom to Doubt

How Charlotte Pence Bond searched for God

caring for kids and horses / This image is of the owner and her horse

Caring for Abused Kids and Wounded Horses

How one couple worked together to fulfill a dream of caring for both

unconditional love John and Beth O'Leary

An Unflinching Love

Burn survivor John O’Leary’s story of unconditional love and commitment inspires all to live a life that can overcome fierce obstacles.

Capt. Ronald Johnson on Racial Tension and Family

This police captain from Ferguson, Missouri, credits his faith in helping him navigate racial tension in his community and family .

Al and Lisa Robertson smiling and being affectionate as they sit together on some steps

Al and Lisa Robertson: ‘Forgiveness Changed Everything’

The pain of an affair drove both Al and Lisa to despair. They were shattered, exhausted and drained of all pride. But the crisis was also a turning point — what they now call “desperate forgiveness.”

One Couple’s Fight to Honor God With Their Bakery

Aaron and Melissa Klein endured long court battles and ultimately suffered the loss of their bakery after refusing to create a wedding cake for a gay couple. But their faith and marriage relationship proved strong.