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Bruce Gordon

Bruce is the author of his recent devotional book for the 55+ demographic, as they transition in life, Made For More, a book on leadership transition, Strategic Cheriths and currently under contract for a book with Focus on the Family, Colorado, on transitional issues facing the 55+. The Gordons have a passion to speak into the 55+ demographic to resource them for the unique issues we face and to encourage and challenge them to understand, they are Made For More.

The Gordons reside in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Devotional: Let Jesus Conquer Your Perceptions

You see, Jesus is not interested in us just winning small skirmishes. No, the stakes are so much greater than this and the battle much more intense.

Devotional: Provision and Peace in Times of Distress

Even though you may feel the isolation from others during this time, listen to the voice of Jesus and practice Psalm 77:11. Remember how God has met you in the past issues of life. He will not fail to do this again for you.

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Devotional: Five Thoughts of Jesus

As I am reflecting on this challenging time for all of us, Holy Week 2020 will be one we will remember. Oh, what liberation we have in Jesus. Just think about where Jesus is at this moment, as Paul described Him in Ephesians 1: 15-23. He is exalted with highest honor and supreme authority, above all, gloriously enthroned forever, leader and source needed in the church, all are beneath Him and we are His Body here on earth; wow!

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