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Debi Grebenik

Understanding Your Adopted Child’s Behavior

Sure, your family experiences times of joy together, but you also encounter behavioral outbursts that leave you clueless. If only you had a secret decoder ring to help decipher your adopted child’s behavior.

Focus on the Family

Coping With Adoption Stress

It’s essential for families to develop the ability to cope with the stress that adoption can place on parents and kids.

Focus on the Family

A New Definition of Attachment/Regulation

Attachment is the affectional tie between two people.

Focus on the Family

Dealing With Trust and Control Issues

The sensitive parent is attuned to his or her child’s natural rhythms and responds to those appropriately and timely.

Attachment and Bonding

If there is even one significant adult in a child’s life who will provide consistency and unconditional love and support, that child can attach.

Focus on the Family

A Network of Support

The most successful adoptive families are those who know they need support and know how to draw upon every resource available.

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Traits of Successful Adoptive Families

The adoption journey is resplendent with unforeseen detours, mountaintop experiences, formidable challenges — and magnificent views of God’s grace all along the way. Without preparation, this journey can be more than challenging. With awareness and pla …

Characteristics of Successful Adoptive Families

With awareness and planning, the adoption journey can be one that promotes growth, blessings, and healing for all involved.

Focus on the Family

Promoting Healthy Attachment

Suggestions for an effective bonding experience

Focus on the Family

Adoption Success for the Long Haul

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed, and don’t be frozen in your fears of what others will think or say.

Focus on the Family

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