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A baby's life depends on you
The value of human life is under attack and today expectant mothers face life-and-death decisions.
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Dr. Mike Bechtle

A young bride and groom stand in a beautiful, mountainous landscape at the edge of a lake. Watch out for these unrealistic expectations in marriage.

How to Overcome Unrealistic Expectations in Marriage

Learn how to identify the two most unrealistic expectations in marriage and open the door to a healthy relationship with your spouse.

teenage isolation from parents

Helping Teens Through Social Isolation

By focusing on a love-based connection, you can build trust and create a safe space for your socially isolated teen to talk about issues.


Strengthen Your Emotional Connection in Marriage by Building Your Friendship

Friendship in marriage is vital, but the busyness of life can squelch it. Don’t let emotional connection in marriage fade away — revive it using these tips.

couple sitting on couch discussing how to change

How to Change Your Spouse

If your spouse decides to change, it’s because he or she found motivation to do so, not because you crafted a compelling argument.

a couple talks as they sit on a couch and drink coffee

Words That Build Trust in a Marriage

The words we use can be a key factor in building trust. Recognize their power for change, and they become powerful tools in your relationship.

a man checks his phone while walking throug an airport

Staying Connected When One Spouse Is Traveling

Travel is tough on a marriage. But with a bit of planning, you and your spouse can stay connected when one of you is away from home.

A car engine needs a tune up

10 Tips for Proper Marriage Maintenance

Does your marriage need a tune up? Try these tips for a marriage maintenance weekend.

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How to Write a Love Note to Your Spouse

A love note doesn’t have to be flowery or sappy. It’s just a way to express your love for your spouse in a way they’ll understand.

Serious-looking dark-haired woman leaning her head on her hand, looking into the distance

Is This a Spiritual Attack, or Is My Spouse Just a Jerk?

Have you ever wondered if you and your spouse are under spiritual attack or if your spouse is just a jerk?