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Dr. Mike Bechtle

a couple talks as they sit on a couch and drink coffee

Words That Build Trust in a Marriage

The words we use can be a key factor in building trust. Recognize their power for change, and they become powerful tools in your relationship.

a man checks his phone while walking throug an airport

Staying Connected When One Spouse Is Traveling

Travel is tough on a marriage. But with a bit of planning, you and your spouse can stay connected when one of you is away from home.

A car engine needs a tune up

10 Tips for Proper Marriage Maintenance

Does your marriage need a tune up? Try these tips for a marriage maintenance weekend.

Close up of the tip of a fountain pen writing in cursive on a lined piece of paper

How to Write a Love Note to Your Spouse

A love note doesn’t have to be flowery or sappy. It’s just a way to express your love for your spouse in a way they’ll understand.

Serious-looking dark-haired woman leaning her head on her hand, looking into the distance

Is This a Spiritual Attack, or Is My Spouse Just a Jerk?

Have you ever wondered if you and your spouse are under spiritual attack or if your spouse is just a jerk?