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Edie Melson

Edie Melson—author, blogger, and speaker—is a woman of faith with ink-stained fingers observing life through her camera lens. She knows the necessity of Soul Care and leads retreats, conferences and workshops around the world on staying connected to God. Her numerous books, including the award-winning Soul Care series reflect her passion to help others develop the strength of their God-given gifts. Learn more at

handing down your faith to your grandchild

Handing Your Faith to Your Grandchild

These are a just a few ideas to help you take positive action when sharing your faith with your grandchildren.

adult man grieving with his head down, sitting on a bench

How to Help Your Adult Child Cope with Grief

I’ve found that ultimately, even when my children want to be respected as an adult, they also crave the comfort of a parent.

Nurturing faith. Mother and daughter having a heart to heart conversation as the daughter is questioning her faith and the mother is concerned.

Nurturing Their Faith: Supporting Adult Children Who Are Questioning God

I have always loved praying for our kids, but now more than ever I treasure the time I can spend talking to God about how He is working in their adult lives.

Nurturing the Faith: Encouraging Grandkids to Read the Bible

Never before has passing on our heritage of faith been more important.

Helping Someone Deal with Grief

The weight of sorrow can feel unbearable, but with compassion, understanding, and the love of God, it is possible to help someone who is grieving.

Parenting adult children through prayer. Mother and daughter smiling, posing together

Parenting Adult Children Through Prayer

Spending time in intimate conversation with our Heavenly Father on behalf of our kids can take away the feeling of powerlessness that we sometimes battle. These times spent with God can renew our sense of hope, open our eyes to what God is doing now in our kids’ lives, and impact our interactions with our children.

tips for new grandparents

Creative Ideas and Tips for New Grandparents

Creative ideas tips for purposeful grand parenting. Here’s how you can find your place in your grandchildren’s lives and hearts, near and far.

Help Your Kids Develop the Habit of Time with God

The most valuable life skill we can give our children is the habit of spending time with God. Here are practical tips for all ages.