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Elsa Kok Colopy

Three Daughters and a Dad

Take steps to keep communication with your kids open and honest.

To Date or Not To Date?

Dating becomes more complicated when you are a single parent.

A Single Dad: Unplugged

Read about one man’s decision to put his kids first.

Seeking Sole Custody

One mom tells the story of her fight for her daughter.

Rashel’s Choice

One woman reaches beyond herself to serve her community.

Illustration of a mother with her small son who casts a shadow of a grown man on the wall behind him

The Man He’ll Become

A mom learns to accept the differences between herself and her son.

Part-Time Custody, Full-Time Parent

Take advantage of every moment with your kids.

Christmas With the Duggars

Jim Bob and Michelle offer a glimpse of their family life and traditions.

School-Year Support for Single Parents

My daughter, Sam, and I were on our own for 12 years. During that time, my girl grew from a little girl to a teenager, and with each passing year, one thing remained consistent: back-to-school chaos.

Do the Inconvenient

Sacrificing convenience — sometimes that’s how God uses parents to help draw others closer to Jesus.


Right Now Love — Why Kids Should Visit the Elderly

Teach your children why it’s important to serve the elderly, even if those served can’t remember who the children are.