Heather Drabinsky

Heather Drabinsky is a Content Producer in the Marriage department at Focus on the Family.

Close up of husband hugging wife showing that love bears all things

Marriage Meditation: Love Bears All Things

Love bears all things — it helps carry burdens even through hardship, believes the best even after shortcomings and rejoices in truth even following failure.

Husband picking up wife demonstrating love is patient and kind

Marriage Meditation: Love Is Patient and Kind

Before a married couple can truly love each other, they must know the definition of love. First Corinthians 13:4-5 emphasizes that love is patient and kind.

Wife wrapping arms around husband outside

A Marriage Meditation: Above All Else, Love

The next time you’re tempted to lash out when your spouse does something that upsets you, remember to love above all else.

Couple holding hands praying know the Lord is your strength

A Marriage Meditation: The Lord is Your Strength

The next time you see a personal weakness come up in your marriage, choose to surrender it to God and remember that the Lord is your strength.

Mother and son with flowers on Mother's Day

What Your Wife Really Wants on Mother’s Day

Make sure your wife has no major responsibilities that deplete her time and energy on Mother’s Day. Give her space to breathe, relax and soak in her day.

Concerned couple considering divorce

If You Were Considering Divorce Even Before Quarantine

For couples who were already wanting to separate before the pandemic lockdown, the temptation to divorce during the quarantine can be even stronger. Here is some practical advice for those who were considering divorce even before the quarantine.

Engaged couple in field processing postponed wedding plans

Four Ways to Process Postponed Wedding Plans

When wedding plans suddenly change, heartbreak and disappointment can surface quickly. Here are four ways to process through the letdown.

Husband taking care of sick wife

How to Love Your Spouse if They Have Coronavirus

How do you love your spouse if they have the coronavirus? Here are some spiritual and practical ways you could assist them during that situation.

Wife wanting sleep divorce from husband snoring

Is a “Sleep Divorce” Healthy for Your Marriage?

Should you share a bed with your spouse or sleep separately? “Sleep divorce” is a growing issue among couples. But does it hurt the marriage?

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