Jackson Greer

Jackson Greer

Jackson Greer is a Special Projects Manager for Focus on the Family. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Clara. They love feeding birds, debating whether or not to get a cat, and reading William Carlos Williams’ poetry together. Also, he is a former high school English teacher and a defender of the Post Office.

Teenage Daughter

What to do if Your Teenage Daughter is Having Sex

Learning that your teenage daughter is having sex can likely leave you with more questions than answers. Following the initial wave of emotions and panic, you might ask yourself: How did I not know about this? What do I do now?

beautiful woman holding a newborn

The Creation of Woman: Affirming Your Daughter’s Identity

For Christian families, there’s an overwhelming importance upon understanding the roles of female and male. However, our culture emphasizes different aspects of these roles from Christianity. In the Christian context, the origin point for this conversation lies at the beginning: the creation of woman and man.

When to play video games? Two kids, a brother and sister about eight years old sitting on a couch playing video games. Both kids have a big smile on their face.

When Should Kids Play Video Games?

Answering the question of when should kids play video games can be tricky. Remember to maintain positive communication with your kid as you provide boundaries and expectations.

two teens immersed in the meta verse

What Parents Should Know about the Metaverse

The metaverse presents an interesting situation for parents. With its introduction, the line between real and virtual is growing blurrier by the day. That’s why it’s important for parents to have a good understanding of boundaries for your family.

parents guide for valentines day. Little girl with pigtails holding a paper heart

A Parent’s Guide to Valentine’s Day for Kids

It’s easy for Valentine’s Day to begin and end with consumerism and gifts. But the history of Valentine’s Day combined with its connection to Christianity provides a foundation for important conversation with your kids. Explore our Bible Lesson involving God’s perspective on love to help your kids positively approach this holiday.

Little girl closing her eyes ,being handed a Christmas present

Focus on the Family Christmas and Holiday Gift Guide

This Christmas season, give your children a gift that will help them discover the why behind Christmas instead of focusing on the what.

How to Talk with Your Kids about War

How To Talk With Your Kids about War

You never know how talking about war might unlock a different view or perspective for both you and your kids.

gentle parenting

Is “Gentle Parenting” Really All that Gentle?

How does this parenting style really play out in practical ways?

creative kids

Creative Kids: How Parents Can Cultivate Creativity

Do you know how to parent your creative kids? Poet Tanner Olson has some advice for you. Learn how to effectively connect, support, and encourage the creativity in your family.

Young woman using Wicca artifacts like tarrot card, cell phone, book and candle

Wicca: What You Should Know

Witchcraft has been around a long time. But its promises are empty. Here is what you should know about Wicca.

summer camp sexual assault

Summer Camp and Sexual Assault: How You Can Protect Your Kids

Unfortunately, summer camp environments do not guarantee your children’s complete safety. We want to come alongside your family as you prepare to send your children to summer camp so they can be safe and enjoy their time away.

pro-life topics

Roe Finally Did Go. Now, How Can Teens Have Conversations about Abortion and Pro-Life Topics?

You want to train your teen to have thoughtful conversations on difficult cultural topics. One marked by compassion and kindness.

overnight summer camp

How Do I Get My Anxious Child Prepared for Overnight Summer Camp?

We’re not promising that an overnight summer camp will immediately provide your child with an abundance of confidence for the rest of his or her life. However, we are confident that, in age-appropriate doses, experiences like camp will present your child with opportunities for healthy development. 

talking to kids about school shootings

Talking to Kids about Mass School Shootings

When school shootings occur, our kids are likely to be afraid, mad, and confused. Remember that these are emotions created by God. They don’t need to be avoided, ignored, or silenced. However, as parents, we can direct our children towards the hope that God offers.

ADHD in Kids

ADHD in kids does provide its own unique set of difficulties and obstacles. Learn more about ADHD and how it shows up in children.

keeping faith in college

Keeping Faith in College: Helping Your Young Adults

College-bound kids and their faith have never been more threatened. Starting college unprepared and alone is a no longer a viable option. As a parent, now you can positively shape your young adult before they leave for college, make sure they are already connected in community long before they arrive. Resources like Every Student Sent, will equip your kids to be prepared, find community and face challenges.

national teacher day

Celebrate National Teacher’s Day Every Day

National Teacher’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for students and their parents to show appreciation, support, and thankfulness to teachers.

Beyond Chips and Salsa: Exploring Cinco de Mayo for Kids

When discussing and celebrating Cinco de Mayo with our kids, there’s a unique opportunity to teach them about the history, significance, and respect attached to cross-cultural holidays. Explore some of the key takeaways for you and your family.

earth day for kids

Making Earth Day for Kids about Stewardship

Learn how to make Earth Day for your kids about stewardship rather than getting caught up in the politics and opinions of the day.

LGBT curriculum in public school

What You Can Do about LGBT Curriculum in Your Kid’s Public School

As a parent, you have the responsibility to protect, guide, and support your child’s education. Equally, you have the right to interact in a meaningful way within your child’s school community to positively impact their future success and learning. As you consider how you can move forward in these areas, remember to focus on what you can control rather than what you can’t. Commit to supporting your relationship with your child to cultivate healthy discussions about potentially sensitive topics such as LGBT curriculum.

How to Repent: A Guide to Forgiveness for your Kids

God cares far more about our response after we sin. Luckily, He’s created an opportunity for us to choose repentance and forgiveness after we sin.

What Parents Can Learn from Jesus’ Interactions with Children

Throughout scripture, Jesus treats children with radical care and love to indicate how deeply He values them. It’s no wonder that He continually compared our faith to children. Just as children depend on their parents for daily needs, so too do we rely on God the Father for our spiritual and physical needs.

The Best Chores for Teenagers

As you communicate the importance of chores for your teens, reinforce the spiritual significance of work and its impact on the heart, mind, and soul.

Advent Week 4

Advent 2021 Family Devotional – Week 4

Explore our Advent Devotionals for your family! This week’s theme is Peace. Learn more about how you can develop your family’s peace this Christmas season.

Advent Family Devotional

Advent 2021 Family Devotional – Week 3

Explore our Advent Devotionals for your family! This week’s theme is Joy. Learn more about how you can develop your family’s joy this Christmas season.

Advent 2021 Family Devotional - Week 2

Advent 2021 Family Devotional – Week 2

Explore our Advent Devotionals for your family! This week’s theme is Faith. Learn more about how you can develop your family’s faith this Christmas season.

Advent Family Devotions

Advent 2021 Family Devotional – Week 1

Explore our Advent Devotionals for your family! This week’s theme is Hope. Learn more about how you can prepare for the Christmas season.

Family devotions

Advent Devotionals for Families

This season, explore the Advent season with your children. As a family, use this Advent Devotional to prepare for Christmas.

Welcome to Advent 2021

Welcome to Advent 2021

Celebrating Advent involves intentional preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ. For Christians, the Advent season reminds us not only of Jesus’ birth, but of His eternal presence and eventual second coming.

Teaching Kids about Empathy in an Anti-Empathy Culture

Our culture de-values empathy. Instead, there’s an emphasis on choosing to feed narcissism and apathy. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to teach our kids about empathy.

How to Handle Stress in Your Children

While the cause of stress in your children depends on a variety of influences, you can provide hope and support through security and comfort.

How to Balance Parenting and Working From Home

Balancing parenting and working from home might seem daunting. But each day presents an opportunity to display love to your kids.

Navigating Dark Themes in Literature – How to Guide Your Kids

Even though your kid might be assigned a book with dark themes, there is hope for guiding them along in their journey.

Young boy holding a tablet in his lap, sitting on a couch together with his mom and dad as they explain something to him

Help Your Kids Discuss Critical Race Theory through a Christian Worldview

As children interact with Critical Race Theory, parents have the opportunity to help their kids develop their Christian worldview.

Young Adult in Bookstore

10 Good Life Lessons That My Parents Taught Me

Here are ten lessons that my parents have taught me over the years, and that continue to make an impact on my life and worldview.