Focus on the Family

Jacqui Jackson

Jacqui Jackson, M.Ed, is CEO of Ignite Hope – Strategic Prayer for Orphan Care. She is a former Foster Child, International Adoptee, and the mother to a tribe of Adoptive and Biological children alike. Jacqui is a passionate advocate for the right of every child to have a safe family and executes this calling by speaking into the church and legislation on the ways we can all impact the plight of the Modern Orphan.

Jacqui is the author of numerous devotions on the YouVersion and iDisciple platforms and “God’s Got This: A Strategic Prayer Guide for Your Adoption Journey,” which is 5-star-rated on Amazon. Jacqui works tirelessly to help the Church recognize the critical need of rescuing at-risk kids from the nightmare of life without Family.

Image showing battle plan: praying strategically for your children.

Battle Plan: Praying Strategically for Your Children

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

purple rose for child welfare

Child Welfare is not red or blue, it’s purple

Roses are Red. Violets are blue. You probably remember these words from childhood. Like me, you might have even used them to create the perfect, colorful birthday card for a loved one. I can picture my crayon box emptied out on the table as I chose the …

biblical girl at well

Was Mary An At-Risk Teen?

By modern standards, Mary, the mother of Jesus, did not have the easiest set of circumstances. By Biblical standards, her unexpected news must have left her family overwhelmed, heartbroken, and hurt. Could she have been termed an at-risk teen? She was …

Messy Family Covered in Paint

Allowing God to Make the Mess the Message

How do you determine if someone is an expert in a given field? I’ve always thought that an expert has personal or professional experiential knowledge of a subject and has successfully navigated through it, grown beyond it, or found some way to grow fro …

Battle for a Child's heart

The Battle for A Child’s Heart

God is calling His church to enter this battle right now. Somewhere on your watch, there’s a child that needs you.