The Battle for A Child’s Heart

Battle for a Child's heart
God is calling His church to enter this battle right now. Somewhere on your watch, there's a child that needs you.

Somewhere in America, a child is going to bed hungry, afraid, and alone. Somewhere in your state, kids are packing bags to go to a place they’ve never been to live with people they haven’t met. Somewhere in your city, a child is facing a battle. This heart battle is real, and it is hard, but it is not without hope.

The word battle may at first seem dramatic or overstated when it comes to child welfare unless you’ve been in this space for any length of time. If you work with kids from hard places, you know as well as I do the word battle is both accurate and descriptive.

Called to the Battle

For those of us who are on the front lines in this war, encouragement and resources are imperative. We can’t take on this fight alone, nor should we. With God’s help, we can build a team to walk with us. These people are essential to the calling and are indeed blessings from God. So maybe you are a parent welcoming kids into your home, and you need support. Perhaps you are the one who could step into this space as the much needed, much prayed for a support person to help the family. If you have found these people, take a beat and praise God right now. If you have not found these people yet, pray God to send them to you. If you are one of these support people. Thank you!

When you answer our ‘Father’s call to care for the orphans …in their distress,” you walk onto a spiritual battlefield, whether you realize it or not. Every Social Worker, CPS worker, family court attorney, or judge is on the front line. So are you. Yes, you! You are called into this fight. But take heart our God is victorious, and he has a plan, and you are an important part of it!

Called to Do Something

Not everyone is called to foster or adopt, but we as the CHURCH are all called to do something. It will look different for each of us, but every assignment is of equal importance. For some of you, your call will be tutoring kids, so the foster family down the street has a chance to unwind after work instead of digging into an immediate homework session. For another, it may be that your gift of hospitality that will allow respite for a family for the weekend. Watching and caring for the kids in their home to give them a chance to rest. Others of you have a culinary gift that will translate into once a week meals for the family who just completed an adoption journey.


And all of you can pray! When God told us in Ephesians to put on that breastplate of righteousness and strap on our weapons, including the sword of truth, He meant it. Those weren’t fancy words for a bygone era. Ephesians 6:12 says,

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” ( NLT)

God is calling His church to enter this battle right now. Somewhere on your watch, there’s a child that needs you. Needs you to stand in the gap through babysitting, meals, transportation, or prayer. Strap on your weapons of warfare and hit your knees. These kids are in dire, yes DIRE, need of intercession. You can do this no matter what season you are in, no matter what season the world is experiencing.

From the comfort of your home, in line at the grocery store, sitting in traffic, or waiting on a grocery delivery, you have immediate access to the throne room. I want to encourage you not only to accept this assignment but to embrace it! Church, this is an invitation to partner with the Good Father, who loves each of us. This is an opportunity to introduce the Good Father to children who may not have any idea that they have a Daddy who adores them. We, as God’s sons and daughters are welcomed into the throne room to bang on the gates of heaven for one
another….for the least of these!

Step Out In Faith

There are so many ways to connect with and support families. The ones who are doing the heavy lifting or impacting at-risk kids face to face. I encourage you to lean into how God has wired you. Lean into what the Holy Spirit is encouraging you to do. Then step out in faith and do it. Yes, you are walking onto a battlefield. But you are walking onto this field Victoriously with angels as your rearguard and the King of Kings as your commander. Be bold, be vigilant, and get ready for an adventure with Jesus.

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