Child Welfare is not red or blue, it’s purple

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Roses are Red. Violets are blue. You probably remember these words from childhood. Like me, you might have even used them to create the perfect, colorful birthday card for a loved one. I can picture my crayon box emptied out on the table as I chose the perfect hue. I seem to remember a preference for Midnight Blue and Brick Red. Both colors feeling strong and powerful to my young mind.

Red, Blue and Purple

In recent months, strong and powerful waves of red and blue have colored the landscape of our country – literally. Two thoughts came to me at once. The First was – child welfare is not a red issue or a blue issue. Child Welfare is a Jesus issue. Right on the heels of that thought – was one that truly sent me to my knees. Accepting that Child welfare, at-risk families, and vulnerable children are Jesus and Justice issues paints these ideas solidly purple. Purple – the color of royalty. Purple the color we associate with advent, with the Easter season with Christ himself.

Confusing Times

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Throughout confusing times, many of us have pondered and pontificated over such ideas as God’s sovereignty. Over His goodness, God’s justice, and God’s plan. We considered this for ourselves, for our families, and for the world. This last year, worship and truth found new avenues to reach the unreached. Technology and the internet became central players in sharing the Gospel as most of the world sheltered in place.

The idea of home was embraced, and then eschewed. To be embraced yet again as we struggled to make sense of how quickly our world and our reality shifted. One thing that I know to be true – not every kid was safer at home. Another truth? For the believer – this world is NOT our home. But God’s desire is and always has been to get His children HOME to Him.

Where Does that Leave Us?

So, where does this leave us as a nation? Where does this leave us as families? Where does this leave us as individuals trying to make sense of the senseless? As for me and my house – this year has knocked us to our knees – figuratively and spiritually. So often that it no longer surprises me. Father God will wake me at all hours of the night to intercede for my family and for yours. Pray for the unseen millions who are colored in shades of Purple. Not in the Reds and the blues, we have heard so much about in recent days.

As I’ve attempted to help our children navigate their thoughts about this year, I’ve been convinced that part of my calling in discipling these young hearts I’m allowed to steward is to make sure they know how to battle on their knees for the unseen and the unnamed as well. Teaching children to see things through purple-colored glasses – rather than through the polarized and politized lenses that have been coloring the media blitz and news reports of late, has restored hope to my hurting heart.

God is in Control

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Remembering that God is in control. None of this surprises Him. These truths allow me to put into practice the trust and surrender that is so needed in parenting and in praying. The hardest prayer I ever prayed was about 20 years. Praying, “Thy will be done” over the person I love most in the world. That prayer revolutionized my view of God as a good daddy. I realized then that it was safe to submit to my Good Father because He sits solidly on the throne and can see EVERYTHING from a wholly and holy different perspective than I can.

So as we reflect on the past, I find myself quoting Proverbs 21:1.

“The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; he guides it wherever he pleases.”

I’m standing firm in the truth that God is in control, and every leader and authority above us is there for a season that God has already chosen! What a relief and what a release.

So, although in the natural world, the reds and the blues look strong and powerful – looking at current events through supernatural eyes – this country, this year, and next are painted purple. So we can rest and rejoice in hope knowing that God’s Got This!

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