The Pro-Life Generation: Hope on the Horizon

The pro-life generation Z holds pro-life signs at the March for Life.
The events of 2020 have dishearten many of us. A bright spot in all this darkness is the up-and-coming pro-life generation.

I got married to my incredible wife in 2020, and wedding planning felt like an extreme obstacle course. The anxiety of changing plans every week, cutting the guest count, and revising seating charts was tough to handle. Pandemics and weddings do not mix. Truthfully, pandemics don’t mix well with anything. In 2020, the pandemic mixed with a conflict-riddled presidential election, devastating increases in depression, and social unrest. The results were disheartening, but there is hope! A bright spot in all this darkness is, Generation Z, the new pro-life generation.

How God Raises A Pro-Life Generation

Throughout the scriptures, we see God consistently make beautiful things out of life’s messiness. God strengthens his people as they go through the storms of life. He refines the world in times of difficulty, just as gold is refined by fire. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is still forming beautiful things from the tribulations we have endured.

Reflecting on 2020, I see one intriguing and exciting work of the Lord. He is empowering the next generation. Generation Z is now creating an identity for itself: a people that stand for justice. In 2020, we saw Gen Z rise to stand against several injustices within our society.

Micah 6:8 gives a glimpse into God’s design for His people:

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

In this scripture, God lists three beautiful expectations for His people to adhere to during their walk on Earth, and one expectation is rooted in justice. Justice matters to God, and justice matters to this up-and-coming generation. It is this very passion for justice that could turn Gen Z into the pro-life generation.

A Generation After God’s Heart

Members of the pro-life generation hold signs saying "Choose Love, Choose Life."

This widespread desire for justice and peace on Earth is a beautiful attribute that God has given this generation. The more I dig into Gen Z’s desire to bring justice here on Earth, the more encouraged and excited I become about the future of the pro-life movement! I recognize that the statement I am about to make is bold, and some may consider it to be outlandish – but I have crazy faith in God!

I believe that God will use Generation Z’s passion for justice to break the hearts of the undeniable injustice occurring in the womb of our nation. Yes, you read that correctly! With this new life generation, there is HOPE for the pro-life movement as a whole. There is hope for children conceived in unexpected pregnancies and hope for mothers who feel tremendous fear about their pregnancies. Generation Z has a God-given change to turn the tables on the injustice of abortion, to be a new generation that stands for life.

What’s Our Role?

Now, more than ever, the pro-life movement has a pivotal role to play in this nation and the world. For the young people in this world who have not yet faced the harsh realities of what abortion is and why it is perhaps the greatest injustice of humankind, our role is presenting this truth in love.

Generation Z profoundly desires to see peace manifested on Earth, but many young people have not realized the destruction and war happening within thousands of wombs every day. To capture this generation’s attention, the pro-life movement must shift its focus to highlighting the injustice of abortion.

As a 22-year-old pro-life advocate, I see so many of my peers, whom are genuinely kind hearted, fight for the right to abortion in America. I simply believe that they have a massive problem with misplaced compassion. The media, Hollywood, and others have trained young people to think that access to abortion is noble, virtuous, and compassionate. This type of misplaced compassion must be uprooted with love, passion, and reeducation.

As role models for the next generation, our goal is to demonstrate a loving pursuit of justice. We should strive to prevent Generation Z from looking back 50 years from now and being sickened by their advocation for abortion.

How You can Join the Pro-Life Movement

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More Resources for Pro-Life Education

Pray for the Next Pro-life Generation

As protectors of life, we must come together to use our skills, talents, and voices to expose the injustice of abortion. When we speak to those who may disagree, we must speak with words of radical love and truth.

This new, pro-life generation offers hope for our future children. If you have been praying for the abolition of abortion, pray for an awakening in this new generation. Pray they see the devastation that abortion has caused. Do all that you can to pour into them through mentorship, discipleship, and friendship. God is moving in this nation. We must partner with His work.

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