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Kirstie Piper

Kirstie Piper

Kirstie Piper is a Content Producer at Focus on the Family.

women in pink join hands as empowered women empower women

How Empowered Pro-Life Women Can Empower Women

Can we impact our culture without being aggressive and argumentative? Yes! It all starts with a simple truth: empowered women empower women.

A little flower grows through the black top, encouraging others to choose life.

It’s Hopeless: Why Should I Choose Life?

When the odds are against you when there’s no way out of the suffering, why choose life? What does scripture say about choosing life?

A father holds his child's hands

An Interview With A Post-Abortive Father

In an honest and heartfelt interview, Greg Smalley, Vice President of Marriage at Focus on the Family, opens up about what it’s like to be a post-abortive father.

Marchers at the March for Life exercise the right to peaceful protest

What is the Right to Peaceful Protest?

Sometimes, it seems like what constitutes a “peaceful protest” depends on which news media outlet you consult. Here is a clearer definition.

A young woman sits alone at the capital wondering if the March for Life 2020 is worth it.

Does the March for Life 2021 Really Matter?

It’s Sancity of Human Life Month, but with the heaviness of current events, should we take the time to care about the March for Life 2021?

An abortion survivor thinks does God forgive abortion

Abortion Survivors: Does God Forgive Abortion?

Does God forgive abortion? To answer this question, we look to the Bible, those who are post-abortive, and abortion survivors.

A child illustrates scriptures for healing a broken heart

Scriptures for Healing A Broken Heart

What do we do when trauma leaves us with feelings of rejection and abandonment? Are there scriptures for healing a broken heart?

A young women debates between what is pro-life and pro-choice.

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: What Does It Mean?

In this article, we outline the pro-life and pro-choice meanings, equipping you with enough knowledge to make a confident decision.

A pro-life advocate holds up heart hands

How to Join the Pro-Life Movement

Joining in the Pro-Life Movement starts with strengthening yourself in the cause and then working to support and empower others.

an ultrasound shows a baby's feet

I Thought I Was Pro-Life Until I Saw an Ultrasound

I thought I knew a thing or two about life in the womb, but seeing an ultrasound rattled my confidence that I had previously been pro-life.

See Life 2020 Love Every Heartbeat

See Life 2020: A Window into The Womb

From ex-abortion clinic workers to abortion survivors, we’re broadcasting their stories in a digital premiere event — See Life 2020.

An elderly woman looks out her window.

How a Professional Spots an Abusive Healthcare Facility

Darlene’s task was to act as a sort of health and safety enforcement for assisted living facilities, ensuring quality care for every resident. Darlene was employed in this position for nearly eight years, and developed a reputation for cultivating top-notch care practices.

Doctor with Down Syndrome

Lessons from Will, the Doctor with Down Syndrome

If there was one vastly underestimated resident at The Manor, it was Will, the doctor with Down syndrome.