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Kirstie Piper

Kirstie Piper

Kirstie is a writer, director, and producer specializing in humanitarian and faith-based content. Exploring tough topics with a compassionate approach, she is best known for her work on several award-winning films with Burning Bush Productions and the YouTube documentary The Beat Below Mine, which explores the impact of preborn loss on women.

A faded background image of a baby laughing with their parent. In white clearer text it says: "Pro-Life Quotes"

Kindness Quotes for Being Pro-Life

Being pro-life means viewing every life with unconditional love and kindness. Here are several kindness quotes for being pro-life.

An image of a mother holding her child while the child sleeps with the larger caption in white that says: "How Much Is A Person Worth?"

How Much Is a Person Worth?

Do you know how much you’re worth? Not according to your friends or loved ones, but to the rest of the world. How much is a person worth? What kind or amount of currency would society place on a scale alongside you and think, that’s a fair trade?

the weirdest abortion argument about how location determines your worth and fetus rights

The Weirdest Argument for Abortion

The weirdest argument for abortion, by far, is one that devalues human life based on a person’s physical location.

A young women debates between what is pro-life and pro-choice.

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: What Does It Mean?

In this article, we outline the pro-life and pro-choice meanings, equipping you with enough knowledge to make a confident decision.

Picture of pills with words asking is abortion a sin?

Is Abortion a Sin?

In the controversial world of Pro-life advocacy, one of the hottest debates begins with four little words: Is abortion a sin? Every possible response feels condemning, calloused, uneducated, awkward, or unhelpful. If you say yes, you’re condemning the …

Blue Title omg with Doctor science instruments and title saying , what we know about fetal pain.

When Can a Fetus Feel Pain?

In years prior, the age at which the medical community was sure a baby could feel pain was at 18 weeks. However, new studies suggest that some preborns could experience pain and other stimuli as early as 12 weeks. 

Three doctors, gynecologists, discuss the claim that abortion is healthcare.

Abortion is Healthcare: Thoughts From Doctors

Today, few medical students actually take the Hippocratic Oath. However, the insights of revolutionary practitioners like Hippocrates are a great reminder that healthcare has a two-fold purpose. True healthcare protects the lives of patients and the character of practitioners.

Three women post together over #ModernizeOurLaws ready for a discussion about overturning Roe v. Wade.

Overturning Roe v. Wade: Laws That Hurt Women

Roe v. Wade was an uninformed and eventually abused court decision. Roe failed at what it was meant to accomplish: protection for doctors and their patients, both mother and child.

Dr. Cottle sits surrounded by sad line art, urging people not to be afraid to learn what to say when someone is dying.

What To Say to Someone Who Is Dying

We may never feel fully equipped to handle death, even as believers looking forward to our heavenly destination. However, like any other challenge, the end of life can be a beautiful, healing experience when entrusted to God.

The history of abortion Title graphic featuring Alice Paul,, the women's march, and the civil rights march.

The History of Abortion

The history of abortion in the United States is steeped in dark issues like racism and ableism. It’s no surprise that when the abortion issue was first on the rise in U.S. history, some of our most iconic historical figures were against it.

Hero Photo and Title of Abortion Stories Article

Abortion Stories: Procuring, Coercion and Walking Out

From taking the abortion pill to clinical abortions, from abortion worker to abortion survivor — these are real abortion stories.

A large navy blue and pink-peach graphic of a table with a book, calendar and writing pencils under the words, "Should Abortion Be Legal, an Honest Essay."

Should Abortion Be Legal?

Is abortion a simple women’s issue? Not quite. An estimated 63 million lives have been lost to U.S. abortions since Roe v. Wade. Considering the scope of abortion’s impact on both men and women, it’s safe to assume that abortion is more prominently a civil rights issue.

An abortion image of a child further along in pregnancy. Example of a real live abortion procedure video.

I Watched a Real Abortion Procedure Video

No abortionist goes in thinking, “I hope I save this baby,” because that’s not the goal of an abortion.

an ultrasound shows a baby's feet

I Thought I Was Pro-Life Until I Saw an Ultrasound

I thought I knew a thing or two about life in the womb, but seeing an ultrasound rattled my confidence that I had previously been pro-life.

A Bible open on a wooden table with the title Abortion in the Bible.

Abortion in the Bible

Tragically, abortion and infanticide were common practices in Bible times. The reasons for each were surprisingly diverse.

A colorful group of people ask each other questions about when life begins.

Science vs. Bible: When Does Life Begin?

There are Bible verses supporting the idea that life begins at conception, but do science and medicine line up with our faith-based claims?

A photo of the little white abortion pill, mifepristone, on a bright blue background under the title The Abortion Pill, Facts, Stats and Reversal

The Abortion Pill: How Does it Work?

How does the Abortion Pill work? The term “Abortion Pill” refers to two pills containing different medicines: mifepristone and misoprostol.

Hands draw a diagram of human rights and how it's connected to the right to life and bodily autonomy.

Bodily Autonomy and “My Body, My Choice”

Together as “Bodily Autonomy,” this term roughly means “self-governing one’s own body.” Hence, the pro-choice phrase, “My Body, My Choice.”

women in pink join hands as empowered women empower women

How Empowered Pro-Life Women Can Empower Women

Can we impact our culture without being aggressive and argumentative? Yes! It all starts with a simple truth: empowered women empower women.

A little flower grows through the black top, encouraging others to choose life.

It’s Hopeless: Why Should I Choose Life?

When the odds are against you when there’s no way out of the suffering, why choose life? What does scripture say about choosing life?

A father holds his child's hands

An Interview With A Post-Abortive Father

In an honest and heartfelt interview, Greg Smalley, Vice President of Marriage at Focus on the Family, opens up about what it’s like to be a post-abortive father.

Marchers at the March for Life exercise the right to peaceful protest

What is the Right to Peaceful Protest?

Sometimes, it seems like what constitutes a “peaceful protest” depends on which news media outlet you consult. Here is a clearer definition.

A young woman sits alone at the capital wondering if the March for Life 2020 is worth it.

Does the March for Life 2021 Really Matter?

It’s Sancity of Human Life Month, but with the heaviness of current events, should we take the time to care about the March for Life 2021?

An abortion survivor thinks does God forgive abortion

Abortion Survivors: Does God Forgive Abortion?

Does God forgive abortion? To answer this question, we look to the Bible, those who are post-abortive, and abortion survivors.

A child illustrates scriptures for healing a broken heart

Scriptures for Healing A Broken Heart

What do we do when trauma leaves us with feelings of rejection and abandonment? Are there scriptures for healing a broken heart?

A pro-life advocate holds up heart hands

How to Join the Pro-Life Movement

Joining in the Pro-Life Movement starts with strengthening yourself in the cause and then working to support and empower others.

An elderly woman looks out her window.

How a Professional Spots an Abusive Healthcare Facility

Darlene’s task was to act as a sort of health and safety enforcement for assisted living facilities, ensuring quality care for every resident. Darlene was employed in this position for nearly eight years, and developed a reputation for cultivating top-notch care practices.

Doctor with Down Syndrome

Lessons from Will, the Doctor with Down Syndrome

If there was one vastly underestimated resident at The Manor, it was Will, the doctor with Down syndrome.