Mary Hunt

Mary Hunt is nationally-regarded author, speaker and expert on spending habits and consumer debt. Having climbed from the depths of six-figure debt herself, Mary uses the lessons she learned the hard way to help others gain control of their financial lives. She and her husband, Harold, have two sons and reside in California. Find out more about Mary at her website,

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Teaching Kids to Be Financially Savvy

Money expert Mary Hunt shares the stories and mishaps from teaching her kids to be financially responsible and provides insight on the importance of instilling values in your children to give, save and plan ahead.

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Defeating the Attitudes That Keep You in Debt

Finance expert Mary Hunt discusses the importance of developing a positive attitude and a strong sense of determination when it comes to taking control of your finances, and offers practical suggestions for eliminating debt and maintaining a debt-free lifestyle.

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Improve the Destructive Attitudes Keeping You in Debt

Changing your financial situation starts with deliberate choices to defeat the destructive attitudes that are keeping you in debt. The way you do that is by consciously replacing destructive thoughts with truthful and beneficial ones.

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You Need More Than Money to Save Your Marriage

Couples often struggle with their differing money personalities and the destructive attitudes that keep them in debt. Mary Hunt offers insights to help couples find hope.