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Paul Asay

Paul Asay is a movie reviewer with PluggedIn, part of Focus on the Family. He’s also written a book about his own journey with depression, Beauty in the Browns: Walking with Christ in the Darkness of Depression. He’s also written for other publications including Time, The Washington Post and Christianity Today, and he has authored several books including God on the Streets of Gotham, which was borne out of his love for superheroes and finding spirituality in unexpected places. Paul and his wife, Wendy, have two grown children. You can learn more about him by following him on X,  @AsayPaul.

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Becoming Screen Savvy As a Family

Adam Holz and Paul Asay from Focus on the Family’s Plugged In team equips you to guide your family to make healthy media choices. They explain what the Bible says about entertainment and how to engage with and teach your kids discernment when it comes to what they are watching and playing. It’s a great conversation you won’t want to miss!

Teenage girl talking to AI on her phone

Does Social Media AI Know Your Teens Better Than You Do?

Parents, I hate to tell you this. But in some ways, social media AI might know your kids better than you do.

A woman's hand reaches out to the shadow hand of her depression, which has come back for her again.

Depression’s Persistent Attacks

While you may have beaten depression once or twice, don’t drop your guard. This dark monster can slide back into your life if you’re not looking, especially if you don’t know how to best manage it.

You are underground, in a dark hole, looking up at the light, far above you.

Getting Unstuck from the Hole of Depression

Don’t lose hope — there are steps you can take toward a better life. Just because you got stuck in a depression rut, doesn’t mean you can’t get unstuck

How to Help Your Teenager with Anxiety and Depression

Four tips for parents on how to help a teenager with anxiety and depression. As your teen faces challenges, be prepared to help.

are horror movies bad for kids

Are Horror Movies Bad for Kids and Their Mental Health?

Where do we begin with horror movies? Sometimes staying away completely from the horror genre is best for our families and kids. Yet, with an appropriate and healthy perspective, there can be valuable lessons within some of the darkest places.

Family in Marvel: Top 5 Marvel Movies about Family

Marvel families rarely resemble our every-day humdrum life. At first glance. But under the surface, Marvel movies contain deep and relatable themes involving family.

Promotional image for Focus on the Family broadcast "Walking Through Depression"

Walking Through Depression

Offering hope to those struggling with depression, Plugged In’s Paul Asay discusses his own battle with this affliction and the healing he’s experienced through his relationship with Jesus Christ.

A photo of Jason brown hugging his wife, Tay, from behind. They are standing outdoors in a field.

Jason and Tay Brown: Football, Fame or Family

Jason and Tay Brown chose to give up wealth and fame to pursue God’s call

Burden of Depression - Photo collage of a mountain composed of brown shades

The Burden of Depression: Beauty in the Browns

Relying on God to carry the burden of depression

Stylized close up of a young boy and girl staring at smartphones

A Parents’ Guide to Screen Time During Coronavirus

Now, more than ever, we need to be mindful of our screens and how we use them. We should always be their masters—and never let them be masters over us.

Superman flying is an image of a father. He is super to his family.

The Life of a Super Dad

It takes more than super strength to be a super dad. Strong dads serve their families everyday.

Close up of small, wood-carved Nativity scene with two of the characters being Star Wars Lego figures C-3PO and R2D2

While Droids Stood Watch

Sometimes it’s nice to give traditions a little twist.

how to prevent cyberbullying

How to Prevent Cyberbullying in Your Child’s Life

Identifying cyberbullying can be difficult in an age defined by social media and internet culture. Learn how to take practical steps to prevent cyberbullying in your children’s lives.

Middle Schoolers: Let Them Push…But Don’t Let Go

Give older middle schoolers what they need, not necessarily what they think they want.