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Teri Reisser

Teri K. Reisser

Teri K. Reisser, M.S., M.F.T., is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has been counseling couples and post-abortive women since 1984.

A married couple engaged in a conflict.

When Couples Have Unresolvable Marriage Conflicts

Unresolvable marriage conflicts don’t have to derail your marriage. Most of these problems won’t harm your relationship if you follow a few basic principles.

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Are You at Risk for Gray Divorce?

Is hidden hurt or dissatisfaction festering in your marriage? Don’t let it lead to gray divorce! Here’s how to create healthy marriage relationship dynamics.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Your Marriage

Divorcing or staying stuck in a miserable marriage are not your only options. You can stay together and develop three key marital attitudes that may ultimately help you develop a better marriage.

Who Did You Marry?: Understanding Your Spouse

People who have been staunchly committed to faith and family fall into trouble when they don’t grow with their spouse. We need to continually “update” our knowledge about our husband or wife.

Dealing With the Trauma of a Past Abortion

Many women who choose abortion struggle with guilt – guilt that stops them from talking about it or getting the emotional help they deserve.

The Family Merger

Be intentional when blending families to smooth the process.