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Tim Shoemaker

Tim Shoemaker is the author of 14 books and speaks to parents around the country about living the Christian life in a way that influences the next generation. Happily married for over 39 years, Tim has three married sons, grandchildren and is active in church leadership.

How to Connect with 16-18 Year Olds

It may be hard for parents to find time to engage with their older teenagers but it’s important

Two smiling teen girls outside at a campsite. One is enthusiastically and tightly hugging the other from behind.

How to Connect With Young Teens

Connecting with young teens can be challenging but time spent with them will be rewarding for both parents and kids

dad and son with arms in the air and mother and daughter are behind them - teaching character

How Dads Can Connect With Their Children

If you want influence later, play with your kids now.

Encouraging Our Kids to Want to Follow Christ

As we work at following God and becoming better parents, we’ll often draw our kids, like a magnet, to follow us and the God we serve.

A Simple Way to Start Family Devotions

Simple, practical and fun ways to start—or start again—family devotions that the entire family will connect with.