Counseling for Sexual Identity Concerns: A Measured, Careful, and Compassionate Approach

Regulatory bans against helping youth in any manner that does not comply with LGBT values and identity are advancing. This matter is too critical to give in to either uncompassionate rhetoric or overreaching regulations. At stake are religious freedoms sacred to families and American life, client autonomy, individual well-being, and parental rights. Much is bound up in this topic – the greatest of which is people’s profound human pain and need for informed, client-sensitive help. We recoil at assertions from either side that reduce people to issues or brush aside deep personal angst with one-sided soundbites. This is why Focus on the Family takes a measured, careful, and compassionate approach to this life-impacting family topic.

This is an important and complex issue that cannot be taken lightly nor reduced by reactionary terms. If you’d like to learn more about Focus on the Family’s perspective on this matter, we invite you to download our statement here.

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