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Did you know that making it a priority to regularly go on dates with your spouse can lead to increased satisfaction in your marriage?

Welcome to the Date Night Challenge from Focus on the Family, in which we’re challenging couples like you to go on three dates in three weeks — 21 days to a new habit!

Of course, we hope you’ll see such a great value in a having a Date Night that it becomes part of your life as a couple. We’re convinced that this new habit will powerfully work to strengthen and enrich your marriage.

To help make that a reality, we’re committed to providing you with fresh Date Night ideas that you can download for free. With each new month, check in here for new creative Date Night ideas.

We know for certain that the Date Night Challenge works! Our research tells us that 92 percent of couples who make Date Night a priority have increased satisfaction in their relationships. How refreshing!

And what a refreshment it can become in your marriage as well, especially as you keep in mind these three encouragements:

  • don’t “administrate‚”
  • try something new
  • be curious and ask questions

So keep checking in with us for monthly Date Night ideas. We’re here to help your marriage grow stronger . . . to help your family thrive!

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