Our Blessed Marriage Can Become a Blessing

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Have you and your spouse committed to giving God thanks on a regular basis? When we're grateful, we can more clearly see how rich we really are and we can be a blessing to others.

I host a daily talk show on Faith Radio. Awhile back, author and executive editor of Christianity Today, Andy Crouch, joined me on the show. He talked about the importance of stewarding the power that God has entrusted to us.

He explained how some who hold positions of influence use their power in corrupt ways. They leverage their position to benefit themselves even though others may pay a price. But Jesus did the exact opposite. He leveraged His power and it cost Him everything so we might gain eternity. What amazing love!

Once Andy clarified in our interview that he believes we all have power and influence to varying degrees, he posed a question that’s never left me. He said we must dare to ask ourselves: Who flourishes because I have power?

Another way to say this might be, Who flourishes because God has been good to me? Who do I bless because I have been blessed?

Whether we’re talking as individuals or as married couples, it can be easy to commit the sin of comparison and then feel that we come up lacking compared to those who seem to have it all. Honestly, we’re all more blessed than we know or realize, and we have the potential to be more influential than we can imagine.

And that’s where living a life of gratitude makes a difference. When we’re grateful, we can more clearly see how rich we really are. As we take note of God’s goodness in our own life, we can be a blessing to others. Have you and your spouse committed to giving God thanks on a regular basis? Could thanksgiving be a new way of life for you? Have you agreed together to be on the lookout for those who are in need of what God has given you?

May we all reject attitudes such as ingratitude, self-pity, fear and envy. Instead, may we embrace a grateful heart — today and every day. May we choose to be a blessing to others out of the blessing God has shared with us. May we live generously and wholeheartedly because we serve a God who is so very good to us.

Susie Larson is a radio host, national speaker and author of several books, including Your Beautiful Purpose and Blessings for the Evening.

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