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Godly Encouragement for Tween Daughters

Original Air Date 04/15/2013

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Popular author Dannah Gresh offers practical advice to moms on how to prepare their daughters for the many changes that accompany puberty, as well as how to teach younger girls to understand and accept the beauty that God has given them.

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Dannah Gresh

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Dannah Gresh is a best-selling author of numerous books and a popular public speaker who is especially passionate about helping parents build strong relationships with their children and encouraging tweens and teens to pursue sexual purity. Dannah's recent books include It's Great to Be a Girl, Raising Body-Confident Daughters and A Girl's Guide to Understanding Boys. Dannah and her husband, Bob, reside in State College, Pa., and have three grown children. Learn more about Dannah and her work by visiting the website for her organization, Pure Freedom.