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Embracing Imperfections in Your Marriage, Part 1

Air Date 11/14/2017

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Based on their book No More Perfect Marriages, Mark and Jill Savage openly discuss the marital struggles they've had, sharing valuable lessons for other couples who want to avoid the same mistakes.

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    Hope Restored

    Focus on the Family's Hope Restored specializes in providing intensive marriage counseling designed specifically for couples in crisis.

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    Focus on Marriage Assessment

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    Slow Fades in Marriage

    Mark and Jill Savage

    Mark and Jill Savage identify seven ways a husband and wife can drift apart without even realizing it.

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    Grace and Acceptance in an Imperfect Marriage

    Mark Savage

    When we bump into imperfection — our own and our spouse's — we often don’t handle it well. But we have two valuable tools available to us that most of us aren’t using often enough. 

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Mark Savage

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Mark has served as a pastor for more than twenty years. Now Mark and his wife Jill, founder and executive director of Hearts at Home, serve together in ministry within the church and through their family of five children.


Jill Savage

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Jill Savage is a popular public speaker and has written seven books including Professionalizing Motherhood, Real Moms … Real Jesus and No More Perfect Moms. She is the founder of Hearts at Home and served as the ministry's director for 24 years. Jill and her husband, Mark, reside in Illinois. They have five children and several grandchildren. Learn more about Jill by visiting her website,