This Adorable Toddler is a Model Thanks to the Power of Social Media

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Asher Nash, an adorable 15-month-old boy with Down syndrome, has taken the Internet.

Asher Nash, an adorable 15-month-old boy with Down syndrome, has taken the Internet—social media in particular—by storm thanks in no small part to his infectious smile that radiates pure joy. He has generated so much buzz, in fact, that it helped land him a gig as the face of OshKosh’s 2016 holiday clothing line. 

But it almost wasn’t so.

Asher’s mom, Meagan, had actually submitted her son’s head shots for consideration in a casting call in the summer of 2016, but later discovered that the agency had not even considered the photos due to Asher’s genetic disorder.

Not long after, Meagan posted a picture of Asher to the Changing the Face of Beauty Facebook page where it was discovered and shared by a Facebook group called Kids with Down Syndrome. It was there that Asher’s picture and story went viral. Fast forward just a few short months later and the adorable little tyke was making waves once more as the star of an OshKosh holiday campaign.

(Crystal Barbee Photography)

The Nash’s story is an inspiring and important one for more reasons than the happy moment we’ve been talking about.

Each year, thousands of pregnant couples throughout the U.S. find out through prenatal testing that the child they’re expecting has Down syndrome. For most of those parents, receiving this news is a seismic event that up-ends many of the hopes and dreams they’ve held for their child. But Asher’s story reminds us again that there is also incredible beauty and hope for these children and their families.

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