Jake Roberson

Jake Roberson (@jake_roberson) likes Salsa Verde Doritos. He also loves his wife and four children … just as long as they don’t eat his Doritos. He has several books to his name and he has been assured that his library card will be reinstated just as soon as he returns the books and pays the fine. In moments when he can be taken seriously, Jake will tell you that he loves Jesus, adores his wife and kids – even if they eat his Doritos – and really enjoys writing about most any topic that interests him. He loves being a part of a community, especially when said community involves other dads and food. Blogging is one of his passions and he kinda/sorta/really likes micro-blogging. (Which is just a fancy way of saying that he digs Twitter.) Additionally, he is always willing to talk about any one of the following subjects: God, football (American-style), pop culture, classic gothic fiction, video games (*Gasp!*), and creative burger ideas. Oh, and he is Focus on the Family’s social media strategist.

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