Reasons to Choose Life When Facing a Crisis Pregnancy

We want you to know that we understand how you feel and the anxiety that you're experiencing over this situation. It's no small and simple matter, we know. But while terminating your pregnancy may seem like a natural solution to the problem you're facing, you owe it to yourself to look carefully at the situation from all possible angles. There's another side to the issue. Whether you realize it or not, pregnancy is not a purely private and personal affair. It launches you into the middle of a complex web of deep personal emotions and interconnected human relationships. The decisions you make from this point forward are going to affect your life and the lives of other people - your child, the father of the child, your parents, his parents, and an extended circle of family and friends - in ways that you can't comprehend at present. Everyone around you has an opinion about what you should do, but you are the one who will have to live with the consequences. The important thing now is to make the best choice both for yourself and your baby.

You may feel that your mind is already made up, but we want to urge you to take time to look at the situation from all possible angles and weigh your options carefully. Remember that you are not alone. Talk with your pastor, your parents, or a trusted friend. Begin to build a support network that can help you walk through the difficult decisions and challenges that lie ahead. If you need to sift through your options and do what needs to be done. Most importantly, remember that God loves you with an incomprehensible love and cares deeply about the life of your need help with this, don't hesitate to contact Focus on the Family's Counseling Department for a no-cost over-the-phone consultation with a caring member of our staff. Our counselors are available to speak with you at this number. They'd be pleased to assist you in any way they can.

Let us say it again in the strongest possible language: you may feel overwhelmed at the moment, but it's crucial that you resist the temptation to panic. This is primarily a question of two precious human lives: your baby's and your own. There's too much at stake to be jumping to hasty conclusions. So slow down and take a deep breath. Remind yourself that you have all the time

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