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A couple in Singapore was so grateful for the role that No Apologies played in their relationship that they asked the CEO of Focus on the Family Singapore to solemnize their marriage vows. The bride had been a part of a No Apologies workshop several years prior, during high school.  She was profoundly impacted by the course and she stayed in touch with Focus Singapore.  She would occasionally reach out for relationship advice. Her husband even commented on how much No Apologies had meant to her, and how she had shared what she had learned with him.

The wedding was a very traditional ceremony, held in an Indian temple, where a Hindu cleric would typically perform the ceremony.  Or sometimes, if the bride has older siblings, one of them is chosen to oversee the vows.  But in this instance, the couple was so moved by No Apologies that they chose to break from tradition and have staff from Focus on the Family make their marriage official.

Focus on the Family has presented the No Apologies curriculum to millions of young people in dozens of countries around the world.  But the impact is much more significant that just statistics.  The program forges meaningful connections that last for years.  Focus on the Family Singapore made a huge difference in one young woman’s life, in her future relationship, and eventually in her marriage.

My wife and I have been married for 22 years, and we attended the Focus on the Family Marriage Retreat in Melbourne. It has saved our marriage! (Not an exaggeration! We had a pretty rough last three years in our marriage, with my work taking far too much out of me, often leaving me with nothing left to give to my wife and kids. Not surprisingly, after a few years of neglect, our marriage was suffering.   

As we talked at the retreat, I realised there had been times when my wife had experienced deep pain during our 22 year marriage that was still unresolved. As much as I hated to admit it, I realised that I caused so many of our marriage problems! My wife was not blameless, but I was responsible for so many of the difficulties to which she so often responded negatively. It became clear just how much damage I had caused over many years to my most precious gift. It broke me completely.

The weekend was such a healing time for us both. We recommitted ourselves to getting it right(er) and treating each other with the mutual respect we each deserve. Quite literally, we began to rebuild our broken marriage on a new, stronger foundation.

In our retreat gift bag was a small diamond, as a reminder that we are precious to each other. This was a very powerful concept for me and one which really helped me re-frame my marriage. Now, to help me remember, I went out and got a tattoo of a diamond on my shoulder so that every morning when I see it, I remember how precious my wife is to me!

Thank you, You guys saved our marriage!

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