Candi Cushman

Director of Education Issues and Initiatives 

Candi Cushman is a leading national expert on education issues affecting public and private education, including school choice and home school initiatives, sexual agendas in public schools, parental rights issues, censorship of Christian students and academic freedoms.

Candi’s interest in equipping parents and students has inspired her to launch and lead several initiatives and create web resources that empower families in the education sphere.

She’s the founder and facilitator for Focus on the Family’s annual student-led Bring Your Bible to School Day, which empowers kids to bring their faith to school in a respectful way. In four years, the event went from 8,000 participants to more than 650,000.

Cushman also facilitates Day of Dialogue, a free speech-initiative that creates a safe space for public school students to exercise their religious freedoms and share their faith-based viewpoints with peers about sexuality and marriage in a loving way.

She created True Tolerance, an online tool that empowers parents to talk with their children about God’s design for sexuality. This resource also gives moms and dads insights on education law and policy so they can effectively engage local school officials on the messages and situations their children encounter in the classroom.

Cushman has been featured in several national media outlets and radio shows, including CNN’s “Anderson Cooper,” HLN’s “Dr. Drew,”, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Denver Post, ABC News, “Janet Parshall's America,” “The Janet Mefferd Show” and the Focus on the Family broadcast. 

Cushman served for several years as an editor for Focus on the Family’s Citizen magazine. Prior to joining Focus, she was an investigative reporter for WORLD, a weekly national news magazine. Cushman also served six years at a Texas state organization associated with Focus on the Family as the media liaison and program director for the 700-member physicians’ grassroots coalition.

She graduated cum laude from Baylor University. She currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colo.