Age and Stage

Age & Stage

Resources for Your Parenting Needs

As our children grow up, they experience constant change. From physical to emotional and mental to spiritual change, our kids are searching for guidance and positive influence as they explore the world. In our role as parents, there are a variety of ways that we can encourage our children’s social and behavioral development.

You can become confident in your parenting ability. Explore our parenting resources covering each age and stage of life that your children will experience. Each age and stage section contains relevant parenting resources specific to that moment of life. Discover answers, tips, and spiritual insight involving a variety of difficult topics and conversations that affect your children.

Age 0-3: Baby/Toddler

• Sweet memories and sleepless nights • Caring for basic needs • Child's early development • Introducing foundational elements of Jesus
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Age 4-8: Preschool/Primary

• Guiding them toward a relationship with Jesus Christ • Important development milestones • Early years of school • Asking questions
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Age 9-12: Preteen/Tween

• Personality, interests, and talents • Middle school years and challenging situations • Friendships, dating, and puberty • Biblical worldview
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Age 13-18: Teenager

• Adolescence arrives • Developing their own interests • Teen years bring great joys and great difficulties • Love, support, and advise as a parent
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Age 19+: Adult Children

• A huge transition time as your teen becomes an adult • Important milestones on the horizon • College, marriage, jobs, and kids • Continual support
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