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God's design for marriage

God’s Design for Marriage

Find the key to making your marriage flourish — just as God designed.

Becoming a Parent

Becoming a Parent

The nine months from conception to birth will change your life forever. We’re here to help you prepare for this exciting new adventure.

Son walking his father in a wheelchair

Caring for Ill or Aging Parents

Taking care of aging parents is one of life’s toughest responsibilities. But planning and cooperation will ease the adjustment – for parents and adult children alike.

Older man sits in comfortable chair enjoying photos of grandchildren

Caregiving From a Distance

How can you help when your elderly mother or father who lives many miles away?

Debunking First-Time Parenting Myths

As if the stress of being new parents isn’t enough! We’re setting the records straight on several misconceptions about pregnancy and early parenthood.

A man's fingers is grasped by the tiny hand of a baby.

Is Our Marriage Ready for a Baby?

Before, you were a couple. Now you’re “Mom” and “Dad.” How can you and your spouse prepare your relationship for some of parenthood’s unique challenges?

Close up profile of a serious looking, contemplative man, with his father sitting in the background looking at him

Managing Stress When Caregiving

Becoming a caregiver involves major changes that can easily feel overwhelming. Consider these suggestions to help ease the emotional and physical strain.

Practical Tips for Parents-to-Be

Practical Tips for Parents-To-Be

Seasoned parents have a wealth of “been-there-done-that” advice to offer. Read on for suggestions that are sure to get you headed in the right direction.

Preparing for Parenthood’s Financial Squeeze

The cost of caring for a new baby is intimidating. The good news? Raising children doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think.

Story: Caring for Mom

Jean Hoffmann tells about her challenges and rewards of providing day-to-day care for an elderly parent.

When Family Members Adjust to Their New Roles

Most parents are accustomed to caring for their children—no matter their ages. So what happens when these roles reverse?

Talking Finances With Mom and Dad

Talking Finances With Mom and Dad

Many families never discuss the delicate issue of finances until faced with a crisis. But sorting through money matters now can make all the difference.

Tips for Tying the Knot

Part of the Getting Married Series Getting Married Tips for Tying the Knot Committed When You Don’t Feel Like It What to Expect in the First Year of Marriage: A Real Life Story Series About: Life Transitions Planning my wedding was one of the most tryi …

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Decision Time

Are you ready to transform your marriage by putting the principles of love and respect into practice?