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Danielle Pitzer

Danielle Pitzer

Danielle Pitzer is the Director of Sanctity of Human Life for Focus on the Family.

As what point does a fetus become a baby?

When Does a Fetus Become a Baby?

What is the big deal with the terms fetus or baby?

Respect Life: Easy Church Action Steps picture of man praying

Respect Life: Easy Church Action Steps

I was driving one cold morning and saw a lady whose car had broken down on the side of the road. It was early, and she was alone. I drove past. I felt terrible for her, but what was I to do? The Holy Spirit gave me that nudge. I should stop and help.I …

Young girl peeking over her bible

25 Bible Verses for Kids to Memorize in Fun Ways

Learning Bible verses can feel daunting. How do you start and what verses should you choose? A list of 25 Bible verses for kids to memorize and suggestions on how to make it fun can get you and your family started.

Homeschooling little boy sitting at a table writing with a pencil.

Fun Ideas to Supplement Your Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool curriculum options for the Christian family that are free or low cost.

A family gathered as they watch a pro life movie and talk about books

Top Pro-Life Movies and Books for the Whole Family

Top pro-life movies and books that encourage conversation about adoption, preborn, special needs and elderly.

Forced Pregnancy and Abortion

Forced Pregnancy and Abortion

What is Forced Pregnancy? We have heard the word forced pregnancy tossed about. But what does that mean? Some people are equating the lack of abortion access to forced pregnancy. Equality Now says it this way: “Forced pregnancy is defined as when a wom …

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear image

Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

Perfect love that casts out fear is a process. The Bible shares how we can grow into this type of perfect love.

image of abortion ban with baby's age from conception to nine months

Abortion Ban Explained

At what week of pregnancy should abortions be banned?

Educational Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

Bored? Stuck at home? Check out these fun educational activities that will help bust boredom while still encouraging learning.

Justice quotes that we love from ultimate advocates

Justice Quotes From the Ultimate Advocates

Encouraging justice quotes from the ultimate advocates.

An image of several hands behind bars, so we learn how to stop human trafficking

How to Stop Human Trafficking: Pregnancy Help Centers are a New Answer

We can help stop human trafficking by supporting our local pro-life pregnancy help center.

Hopeful choice as a woman holds a small yellow flower in her hand

Hopeful Choice: What is a Pregnancy Help Center?

There are hopeful choices out there. A pregnancy help center can share the options available.

Not easy, but amazing

Jessica Long: Not Easy, but Amazing

When is something not easy, but still amazing? Jessica Long’s story is inspiring for us all.

Fully clothed man in baseball had stands nearly immersed in water depicting depression

Verses of Hope and Coping Skills for Depression

Feeling depressed? Bible verses about faith and hope along with coping skills may offer help to families during the hard times of quarantine.

Growth and learning happen as a parent is strategic just like in the picture of the stages of butterfly growth

Strategies for Growth and Learning: Help for Helicopter Parents

Solid strategies for helicopter parents that can land the whirlybird while encourage their children’s growth and learning.

post-holiday depression

Post-Holiday Depression: Do You Feel Depressed After the Holidays?

After the holidays, do you ever feel not like your self or even depressed? Here are some ideas to help you get back to feeling like your normal self.

Girl in classroom wearing backpack watches classmates

Mean Kids or Bullies: What’s the Difference?

Teaching children how to recognize the difference between unkindness and being bullied