Danielle Pitzer

Danielle Pitzer

Danielle Pitzer is a content producer for Focus on the Family.

Bible verses of hope and coping skills can help with depression. A strong rope to help the man walking in the deep end of water.

Verses of Hope and Coping Skills for Depression

Feeling depressed? Bible verses about faith and hope along with coping skills may offer help to families during the hard times of quarantine.

fun educational activities in unlikely places like toy cars

Educational Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

Bored? Stuck at home? Check out these fun educational activities that will help bust boredom while still encouraging learning.

Homeschool curriculum options are plentiful as seen by girl reading a book

Homeschool Curriculum Options

Homeschool curriculum options for the Christian family that are free or low cost.

Growth and learning happen as a parent is strategic just like in the picture of the stages of butterfly growth

Strategies for Growth and Learning: Help for Helicopter Parents

Solid strategies for helicopter parents that can land the whirlybird while encourage their children’s growth and learning.

Do You Feel Depressed After the Holidays?

Do you get the after-holiday “blahs”? Here are some ideas to help you get back to feeling like your normal self.

child wearing backpack

Mean Kids or Bullies: What’s the Difference?

Teaching children how to recognize the difference between unkindness and being bullied

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