Headshot of Focus on the Family broadcast guest Jason Hague

Jason Hague

Jason Hague is an associate pastor, a blogger, and host of The Aching Joy Podcast. He is also author of the book Aching Joy: Following God Through the Land of Unanswered Prayer which shares insights and encouragement for parents with special needs children, and more generally, for those struggling with faith in the face of broken dreams. The lessons Jason shares are borne out of his own experiences of fathering his young son Jackson, who has severe autism. Jason and his wife, Sara, have five children and reside in Oregon. Learn more about Jason and his work at

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Fighting for Joy as a Special Needs Parent

Describing how his world was turned upside down when his son was diagnosed with severe autism, Jason Hague talks about living with a broken heart and seemingly unanswered prayer, and shares lessons he’s learned about the challenges and joys of parenting a special needs child while relying on God for strength and hope.