Jim Mhoon

Jim Mhoon is a National Certified Counselor and member of ACA. He draws on extensive experience as a non-profit executive with organizations such as Focus on the Family, Medical Teams International, Partners International and CRISTA Ministries and from personal life experience including growing up in a single parent home, raising a special needs child and being married for 31+ years.

Establishing a Legacy of Faith for Newborns

Our children have eternal souls in need of salvation, and we have a part in ensuring that they know God.

Focus on the Family

School Choice

What are the pros and cons of various learning environments?

Focus on the Family

Public Charter Schools

Pros and cons of charter schools

Focus on the Family

Private Schools

Pros and cons of private schools

Public Neighborhood Schools

Pros and cons of public neighborhood schools

Focus on the Family

Home Schools

Pros and cons of home schools

Focus on the Family

Public Magnet Schools

The pros and cons of magnet schools

kindergarten kids talking to each other

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten can be an exciting time for you and your child because it sets the stage for his entire school career. You will look on in wonder as he grows into a more capable, confident, and enthusiastic learner. But sending your child off to kindergar …

Focus on the Family

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