Joe Battaglia

Joe Battaglia is a broadcaster, an author, and the president of Renaissance Communications, a company whose mission is to provide media platforms for gifted communicators of Biblical truth. He is also an executive producer and the general manager of Keep the Faith, the No. 1 faith-based music radio program in the country with a weekly audience of more than 2 million listeners. Joe has been involved in the promotion of highly successful faith-based movies including Soul Surfer, Heaven is For Real, and God’s Not Dead. He and his wife, LuAnn, reside in New Jersey and have one grown daughter.

The Power of a Father’s Words

Joe Battaglia and Joe Pellegrino encourage listening fathers to think about the powerful influence they have in their kids’ lives and how they can bless their children, particularly through their words.

A Father’s Presence: One of the Most Powerful Expressions of Love

Joe Battaglia explains what it means to have a father present in the lives of teens.