Joe White

Joe White

Joe White is the president of Kanakuk Ministries, the largest organization of Christian sports camps in America. He is also the founder of Kids Across America, a network of sports camps committed to reaching inner-city youth. Joe is a well-known public speaker in settings ranging from stadium events to NFL locker rooms. His expertise in parenting and relationships has resulted in more than 20 books including Irresistible LoveFaith Training, and Sticking With Your Teen. He and his wife, Debbie-Jo, have four grown children and several grandchildren. Learn more about Joe White at

Focus on the Family Broadcast

Good Friday: A Roman’s Perspective

Joe White imaginatively illustrates the events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ as he takes on the persona of a Roman craftsman tasked with building the cross that will be used for the execution.

Holding Tight When Your Teen Rebels

Parents of prodigals recommend tough and tender parenting.

Your Teen is Wired by God

Is your teen on the track to a meaningful future? Are you finding out what a joy it can be to help a young person make the most of how God has wired him or her?

Encourage Your Teen to Try Different Things

Saying ‘yes’ to the things your teen wants to pursue is a switch that turns on lightbulbs inside them. It fires the imagination, stimulates creativity and opens the door to a world of opportunities.

You Are Your Teen’s Biggest Influence

If we want our teens to be dreamers – to picture and pursue a challenging and fulfilling future – we need to be (or become) blue-sky thinkers ourselves.