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Jonathan Catherman

Jonathan Catherman is the founder and director of the 1M Mentoring Foundation which is dedicated to providing life skills and character mentoring resources to one million young people around the world. Jonathan’s international best-selling books include The Manual to ManhoodThe Manual to Middle School, and The Girls’ Guide to Conquering Life. He is proud to have co-authored three best-selling titles with his sons, Reed and Cole, and wife, Erica. Jonathan regularly speaks to youth and adult audiences on the significance of stewardship and the importance of building their confidence and capabilities. From parenting conferences to student symposiums, military support events to leadership training days, Jonathan’s audiences are entertained, educated, and inspired to live with purpose and passion. Learn more about him by visiting his website,

Focus on the Family Broadcast

Braving Middle School Like a Boss

Best-selling author Jonathan Catherman and his teen sons, Reed and Cole, offer encouragement to parents and kids who are worried about leaving behind the familiarity of elementary school to transition to middle school. Our guests cover topics that include bullies, relationship drama, communication with parents, and much more.

Training Sons to be Confident, Capable Men

Jonathan Catherman believes today’s parents need to be more intentional about teaching boys basic life-skills, like cooking, dressing well, changing a tire, treating a woman well, and more — so that they can behave in a manner worthy of respect and not embarrass themselves. Jonathan also addressed the important responsibility fathers have to engage with their sons.

Dad teaching his son how to shave with a hand razor and shaving cream

Missions to Manhood

Fathers can be purposeful in raising their sons to be good men.