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Linda Seiler

Linda Seiler

Dr. Linda Seiler serves as the executive director of ReStory Ministries, which equips churches to address LGBTQ issues. Linda earned a PhD in Intercultural Studies from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary with her dissertation consisting of 30 case studies of men and women who were once same-sex-attracted and have experienced transformation.  She is the author of the book Trans-formation: A Former Transgender Responds to LGBTQ IssuesLinda is passionate about studying, preaching and teaching the Bible, discipling Christians to further God’s kingdom, and inspiring those with inner healing issues to seek the freedom found in a relationship with Christ.  She also serves as a national missionary for Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, training staff and students in applied theology and culture. Learn more about Linda at her website,

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How Jesus Redeemed My Gender Confusion

Linda Seiler shares her remarkable story of growing up desperately wanting to be a boy. She describes her 20-year struggle with gender confusion and same-sex attractions, which were not resolved after her conversion to Christianity. After confessing her secret to a college pastor who exemplified God’s compassion and grace, Linda spent the next 11 years seeking healing and restoration of her true identity as a woman. An identity that she whole-heartedly embraces today!

Becoming the Woman God Made Me to Be

Linda Seiler tells her remarkable story of finding healing in Christ and restoration of her identity as a woman after many years of struggle with gender confusion and same-sex attraction.