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Lisa Brock

Woman sitting cross-legged, her head resting in her hands, as she appears distressed over a pregnancy test result

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy When You’re Married

“Honey, I’m pregnant.” Adding a child to your family is stressful even when you plan the pregnancy. Making the transition when a baby wasn’t expected can be even tougher.

Couple holding hands as they sit with doctor

Coping With Infertility

Here are ways to make infertility – the emotional roller coaster – a little easier.

Concerned husband embracing his sad wife in their kitchen, with her head resting on his shoulder

If You Love an Alcoholic

How can you help the person you love who is struggling with alcoholism?

Life After Miscarriage

Remembering your loss can help you heal.

person standing in black and white shoes in leaves

Making Decisions About Sex

How do you make the right decision about when and with whom you should have sex?